The album-therapy-Caroline Savoie

L’album-thérapie de Caroline Savoie

It’s a safe bet that Caroline Savoie will feel somewhat challenged by this Wednesday, January 30, the day Bell. The second album, it reveals this week has, by his own admission, been his therapy, so that she lived a difficult period plagued by depression and anxiety.

Chasing the dawn, which will be released Friday, is at this point stuck to its state of mind at the time that the Acadian had thought never to be recording the songs that are included, she admits. She finally ravisée thinking of all these people that they could possibly help. “If it can be of comfort to do would be a person who lives the same thing as what I experienced, it will always be it will be taken. “

11 titles

Through the 11 tracks that make up his second album, the big winner of the Festival de la chanson de Granby in 2015 has also wanted to reach out to all the loved ones of those people who are suffering. “I wanted to create a maximum of this ill-being to help them to understand what is difficult to understand as it has not been lived,” she said.

Thus, the second track, and a Thousand, was composed while she was in the midst of an anxiety attack. “I was so défoulée that every time I felt I had to come another crisis, I took my guitar and started to sing to calm me down “, she says.

150 mg followed his long hesitation to accept to take drugs to get by. “I stayed for an hour in my car in the parking lot of the pharmacy so I didn’t want to go look for them “, she recalls.

The Monster is a response to the questions of his mother, an attempt to put words on his pain to make it more accessible from the outside.

And so on.

If the may seem heavy at first glance, it is nothing, ensures the singer-songwriter of 24 years. “Yes, we are swimming in the murky waters of sadness, of melancholy, even despair. These songs-there have still been a part of my therapy. But I made sure to put a glimmer of hope in each song. “

“Even during my darkest days, I was always in search of the light. It is a little like referring to my title, ” she adds.

A “180-degree” sound

You will notice also a change of sound on to Chase down the dawn. “180 degrees “, do not hesitate to say Caroline Savoie.

Unlike his self-titled album, which was recorded in New York a few weeks after the Festival of the song, it was made in Montreal, under the direction of the great Philippe Brault.

“Yes, we are swimming in the murky waters of sadness, of melancholy […] But I made sure to put a glimmer of hope in each song. ”

Caroline Savoie

The young woman has known the latter in Granby, and she has had ” a huge blast of lightning musical and human to him.” “This is a filmmaker open-minded, reassuring, listening and understands exactly what we want. It has helped me to achieve my sound. I wanted something between the Feist, Karkwa and Marie-Pierre Arthur, and this is what he went to seek. “

Better days

Caroline Savoie is now much better, and since the beginning of last summer, ” she says. Even if it makes him ” always a little afraid to revisit this dark period “, it considers to now be able to have the necessary perspective to immerse yourself in its dullness folk the time of a tour.

“I am now able to detach myself from it all. I have come to accept the bad pass, which was temporary. I sing about something that happened to me. It doesn’t define me as a person. “

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