The answer is close: Scientists closer to determining the nature of dark matter in the Universe

American astrophysicist Nico Cappelluti intrigued all cosmic phenomena that formed supermassive black holes and the nature of dark matter. Some time ago a scientist published materials that give an idea of what dark matter is and where it came from.

Разгадка близка: Ученые приблизились к определению природы темной материи во Вселенной

Study co-author Cappelluti Esra Bulbul said that 95% of the mass in the Universe consists of an unknown and unseen for the scientists of the material, i.e. dark matter. Research astrophysicist talks about the light source, which noted several telescopes, covering different parts of the sky. Nico Cappelluti informed that for this study, we used a special telescope that observes x-rays. These rays are allowed to ignore the feature as well as the spectrum of light which is not produced any known issue. This new emission is formed during the collapse of dark matter.

Experts do not know what this issue. However, there is one theory that says that it can be sterile neutrinos, known as decaying dark matter. The most interesting in the study Cappelluti is that he noticed this issue in our galaxy. Also astrophysicist added, if it is confirmed that around the milky Way is dark matter that scientists know what matter.




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