October 3, 2023
The app available on Google Play has infected more than 500,000 devices

The app available on Google Play has infected more than 500,000 devices

Pradeo security company employees reported in a recent report that thousands of Android users have downloaded an app on Google Play Store Joker virus infected. Now discover the app that has infected more than 500,000 Android devices!

Application – Colorful Message

The application in which the malware was found is Color Message. This app mainly personalizes SMS messages, making them colorful. After installation, the virus infected thousands of devices, specialists reported in the report.

Oh virus – Joker

Once in the device, this virus is able to steal text messages, contact list and other information in the device. From there, the user can subscribe to premium advertising sites services to make a profit for the owners.

Furthermore, stolen information can end up in the hands of criminals, increasing the risks of fraud and deception. The recommendation in the report is that everyone who has downloaded the app should uninstall it as soon as possible.

Google has already removed the app from its store after a series of complaints from users, who are starting to view the app as a problem.

However, Color Message is difficult to uninstall because after installation it can hide its icon. Also, the virus is difficult to detect because it does not use many lines of code.

The Joker, the name referring to the Joker, the superhero villain Batman, is one of the most viral in the Android app store. Although Google has already sought measures to eliminate this malware, Joker has managed to pass security checks by modifying its code.

Always pay attention to the strange behavior of your device after installing apps, even if they come from the Play Store, because as you just saw, it’s not because in the Google Store the app is 100% safe. Beware of malware, always protect your information.