February 6, 2023

The application becomes an Internet sensation after the release of the loan: withdrawal of up to R$ 4,479.99

Brazilians have an easy and simple line of credit, offering up to R$4,500 to entrepreneurs with online loans. Learn how to get credit with the Caixa Tem app.

Caixa Econômica Federal offers two lines of loans to customers who have an account in the Caixa Tem digital wallet, through which government assistance benefits such as Auxílio Brasil and Auxílio Gás are paid. There is a possibility to contract up to R$1,500 for individuals (PF) and up to R$4,500 for legal entities (PJ).

Caixa Team loan

In order to encourage small businesses, Caixa Tem has a line of credit for the Digital Simplification of Microcredit (SIM). Amounts are released when the purpose of the credit is to invest or maintain a small business, either as an individual or as a legal entity. The difference is the possibility of contracting negative debt thanks to the Microfinance Guarantee Fund (FGM).

A digital SIM loan can be obtained by both individual customers, who have interest rates starting from 1.95% per month, and corporate customers, whose interest rates can be as low as 1.99%. The customer can repay the loan in up to 24 installments, which must be chosen at the time of contracting.

Where it is a legal entity, it will be necessary to go to a Caixa branch to obtain the loan, while for individuals the contract is executed by Caixa Tem, available at play storefor Android devices and app storeOn iOS devices:

  • open the Caixa Tem app;
  • Click on “Caixa TEM Credit Contract”;
  • answer the form;
  • select the credit amount;
  • determine the number of installments;
  • confirm the loan with a password;
  • wait for the application to be evaluated within 10 days;
  • If approved, use the amount available in Caixa Tem.