The Arctic has become a dangerous place for birds

The Arctic is no longer a safe haven for nesting birds, according to a new report by scientists.

Арктика стала небезпечним місцем для птахів

According to the BBC, birds ‘ nests in the Arctic is attacked by predators, and this is a big threat to populations of individual species.

The researchers argue that the risks of extinction of birds on the Arctic coast increased.They link this situation with the climate change, which alters the behavior and habitat of such animals as foxes, which steal the eggs.

Professor Tamas Jakel from the British Centre of the evolution of Milner at the University of bath called these findings “alarming”. According to him, some species of birds reduced the number of offspring, and therefore their existence can be unstable. He believes that endangered species it may be “the last nail in the coffin”.

“We see the sad consequences of climate change,” said Professor Jekel BBC News. According to him, the data show that climate changes affect the increase in the number of predators that prey on birds ‘ nests in this area.

Coastal birds multiply on the earth, and predators can find their eggs and small Chicks.

The researchers studied data collected over 70 years in relation to more than 38,000 nests 200 species of birds, including shore birds 111, 149 locations on all continents. They compared data on climate and population of birds. During this operation found a link between predation and climate change on a global scale, especially in the Arctic.

The number of nest predators in the Arctic has increased three times over the past 70 years. A two-fold increase found in Europe, most of Asia and North America, whereas in the tropics and in the southern hemisphere, there were minor changes.

Despite the fact that climate change is the main cause, not excluded, and other factors.

Dr. Vojtech Kubelka from Charles University of Prague (Czech Republic) said: “the Arctic, given the increase in the rate of reproduction of predators is no longer a safe area for nesting birds. On the contrary, the Arctic today is a great ecological trap for migratory shore birds”.

Recall that recently scientists have described how superinte global warming.


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