July 23, 2024

The arrival of 5G in Brazil promises to create 50,000 jobs in technology and innovation

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The arrival of 5G in Brazil promises to create 50,000 jobs in technology and innovation
The arrival of 5G in Brazil promises to create 50,000 jobs in technology and innovation

5G - Jobs - Vacancies - Technology - Innovation 2022 is already considered by experts as the year of 5G – Photo: Freepik / Reproduction

Since 2021, the media has announced the arrival of 5G in Brazil and how it will work here. Once 5G arrived in the country this year, it brought with it many job opportunities in Brazil, particularly in areas that cover technology and innovation. Keep an eye out for opportunities, learn more about the impact that 5G technology will have on different sectors of the country, estimates and studies have been conducted by Conexis.

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With the arrival of 5G in Brazil, new vacancies will be created

The 5G revolution: what are the changes in the labor market | CNN SPECIAL – Play / YouTube

In 2022, about 50,000 jobs in technology and innovation, estimates Conexis, a consortium that brings together telecoms companies, and analytics by the Brazilian Association of ICT Companies, to Brasscom.

With investments of about R$40 billion committed over the next few years, through the auction of 5G frequencies at the end of 2021, telecom networks and equipment suppliers are already hiring manpower to carry out the installation of cables and antennas dedicated exclusively to the fifth generation of mobile phones.

Companies are looking for qualified professionals to fill the available job openings and explore the endless possibilities that technology will open their way. However, job opportunities will not depend on hiring technology and engineering professionals only. It is estimated that by 2025, approximately 670,000 vacancies will be created to meet the needs of 5G installation and operation, in several areas, opening the doors to new careers and new specialists.

The technology market will expand, especially in Brazil

In 2020/2021, when the first studies on the development of the fifth generation of mobile phones appeared, there was also talk of the implementation of the 5G network in the Brazilian territory.

Indeed, it has been confirmed that the 5G network in Brazil will have excellent coverage, as well as faster and more efficient speed and quality of transmission, creating expectations that the market demand will be high and adequate.

According to Fecap College Technical Education Coordinator, Evelyn Cid, in an interview with Folha de Pernambuco, in May 2021, she stated that once the infrastructure needed to power 5G is in place, the Brazilian market will benefit from the effects. it will cause. According to Evelyn, the number of students graduating in technology fields, in the next two years, will be much greater, and they will advance with distinction.”bubble” to the market.

Can 5G really be considered the best on the market?

According to Césars Research and Collaboration Coordinator, Felipe Ferraz, 5G can operate at a frequency that can range from 28GHz to 39GHz, unlike 4G mobile phones.

The fourth generation ranges from 700 MHz to 2.5 GHz, Ferraz explained that this indicator is a wave frequency, and the higher this indicator, the faster the wave repeats. With this, 5G achieves greater broadband coverage. Another very positive issue is that 5G will reduce the delay in voice and video calls.

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