The artist Pepita Ferrari is no more

L'artiste Pepita Ferrari n’est plus

The Cantons-de-l’est have lost one of its most brilliant creative. Pepita Ferrari, who had headed the Festival du film des Cantons-de-l’est, died on 30 December last year in Lac-Brome. Filmmaker committed, producer of a dozen documentary films and television series, screenwriter, producer, and feminist, Pepita Ferrari died at the age of 66 years. Dozens of people from across the country paid him tribute on social networks as well as the national film Board, which puts forward some of his creations.

The news of his death was experienced as a shock by the people who have flanked in recent years. According to a close, only a few people knew that she was suffering from a disease.

At the request of his relatives and his lover Louis Piché, the announcement of his death has not been made public. A close relative of the family, however, has agreed to say a few words about his dead friend during the Holiday season. “Pepita was really a woman of heart. She had a heart immense. This is someone who has always been devoted to his art, ” explains a friend who has agreed to speak at The Voice of the East under the cover of anonymity on Friday.

Film Festival

Australian original and Bromoise adoption, Pepita Ferrari has made himself known in the region in 2011 by agreeing to provide artistic direction for the first edition of the Festival of cinema of the Cantons-de-l’est, which took place in Lac-Brome. She had previously worked for twenty years in the world of cinema. The following year, she took over the reins of the event as the director-general, a responsibility that she has kept at the third and last edition in 2013.

“It has kept its responsibilities in volunteer work in a difficult context for the funding issues in particular. I do not know many people who would have done it, ” says the friend of the family contacted by The Voice of the East.

In the summer of 2014, the organization of the festival has published a notice to announce that the fourth edition of the festival was going to be suspended. Joined by The Voices of the East, Pepita Ferarri was then called into question the future of the festival for financial reasons.

According to a local newspaper, Pepita Ferarri was also involved in the organization of the festival We Love Documentary in Penticton, British Columbia, where her sister lives. She has acted as curator of the festival from 2011 to 2017.


The national film Board, an organization with which Pepita Ferrari has worked for a majority of his productions, was keen to pay tribute to him by featuring a selection of his films on the English version of its website. As emphasized by Magalie Boutin, head of media relations at the NFB, it is an opportunity to rediscover the work of the filmmaker.

The work of Pepita Ferrari, which extends from the mid-90’s up until 2011, includes a dozen documentary films with trajectories for women in the arts, or history.

The filmmaker began his collaboration with the NFB with By Woman’s Hand, her first film released in 1994. The documentary chronicled the journey of the three artists Prudence Heward, Sarah Robertson and Anne Savage, who have contributed for 20 years to launch the group of Beaver Hall, a movement in painting that was mainly women based in the Montreal English-speaking.

The NFB also puts forward The Petticoat Expeditions (1997), a documentary based on travels in the Upper Canada of the writer, a british feminist Anna Brownell, The Art of documentary (2008) and his latest creation, the Source (2011).

The president of the NFB, Claude Joli-Coeur has stressed by way of a press release that the community of filmmakers in Quebec has lost ” a dear friend “. “As a writer, producer, filmmaker and mentor to emerging filmmakers, Pepita was a true advocate of the documentary film. Several of his works attracted attention to the achievements of women artists the strong who have been pioneers — in the image of Pepita Ferrari, ” said Claude Joli-Coeur.

Parallel to his involvement in the world of film, Pepita Ferrari has touched other mediums of artistic expression, such as painting, and has also written in the magazine Point of View.

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