May 31, 2023

The battle pass must contain 80 hours of activities

Diablo IV will have a lot to do. in Interview with MMORPG websiteDirector Joseph Biborah spoke a little bit about the amount of content the game will offer and its duration. According to the developer, to complete a battle pass while playing the game’s main story, the player must invest “around 80 hours”.

There will be seasons and goals in it, and progress will be calculated by the experience gained in these missions, as well as defeating monsters, doing missions, giving praise to other players, participating in activities, and so on. And yes, the passes will have free and premium versions – that’s what worries the community a lot.

“However, the battle passes when you complete the season mission and do other in-game content, it takes about 80 hours to invest and finish,” he said.

But this does not mean that it will take “only” 80 hours to complete the game. Reaching Diablo IV’s level cap, which is 100, will “take a little longer, of course, depending on how you play”.

Diablo IV will have frequent content updates

Blizzard will keep Diablo IV players busy with the constant news. According to director Joe Piepiora, the RPG will receive new story content every three months, along with new mechanics, add-ons, and one-time updates.

The director explained, in an interview with Game Informer (via EuroGamer) stated that the developer’s intention was to keep the title “interesting and with lasting appeal for players”. Piepiora has also stated that he does not use the term “expansion” because it gives the wrong idea of ​​the amount of content, but ensures that the news will appeal to fans.