October 3, 2023
The BBB 22 poll revealed a reluctance to vote for who would come on the last wall · TV News

The BBB 22 poll revealed a reluctance to vote for who would come on the last wall · TV News

The audience is divided between Douglas Silva and Eliezer Netto on the last wall of BBB 22. At least that’s what .’s partial poll was the newsWhich won more than 140 thousand votes until the publication of this text. Arthur Agyar He doesn’t seem to risk letting go of the fray for the R$1.5 million semi-final.

In the voting preview, the Pipoca group member and the last lollipop appear in first place in the rejection, with 45.12% of the choices in the dispute for whomever leaves the race for 1.5 million Brazilian reals. Next, the DG was indicated as 42.82%. The Myra Cardi pair closed the list with only 12.06%.

The result is different from what the UOL poll, which received more than 260,000 votes, indicates. For 38.24% of gate voters, Douglas Silva should be disqualified from the final. 31.73% reject Eli, and 30.02% want Arthur out.

Unlike the previous hot seat, when Aguiar officials made a combined effort to get rid of Pedro Scooby, this time the focus was on taking out Netto. The last lollipop was on all the last walls and managed to stay in the game, while names like Lin da Quibrada, Gustavo Marcingo and Scooby were left out.

Take the poll below and give your opinion on who will be on the last wall:


BBB 22: Who gets out of the seventeenth wall?

The polls do not represent the official percentage of the BBB 22 wall, which is obtained through votes recorded on the Globo website Gshow. Only Paulo Andre Camilo has ever secured a place in the final From BBB 22, which takes place on Tuesday (26th). The other two will be known on Sunday (24), when voting on who will win the reality show begins.

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