The best in the country !

Les meilleurs au pays !

In their latest competition in the ranks junior, Mathieu Ostiguy and his partner Chloe Choinard were sacred numbers to the country. Nothing less.

Ostiguy, de Sainte-Angèle-de-Monnoir, and the Ontario Choinard have won the gold in the couple Wednesday afternoon on the occasion of the canadian figure skating championships, held in Saint John, New Brunswick. They have offered a performance that is absolutely impressive to overshadow any competition.

“We are so happy with it ! launched Ostiguy, joined before his partner and him will not mount on the top of the podium in the evening. Even if we know that it was our objective, even if one knows that one has worked so hard to get to it, there is something surreal in there. The feeling is absolutely amazing ! “

Ostiguy and Choinard have achieved their best score in his career. Almost perfect on the technical side, they have also charmed the judges and audience with a performance more graceful.

“Honestly, we’ve done things, said Choinard. We had pressure, but we have risen to the challenge. I am so excited to team up with Mathieu ! “

Ostiguy and Choinard were actually of the pressure when landing in New Brunswick, who had triumphed at the Challenge Skate Canada presented in Edmonton at the end of November.

“We were favourites coming here and we knew it, has taken Ostiguy. It added to the stress, but we were ready. Before the start of the season, we had said that we wanted to dominate the junior class before graduating, the seniors. And we’ve done that. “

Ostiguy was then paid tribute to his partner.

“Chloe has been sublime in the long program as in the short program. Today, I committed a small fault, but, she was perfect. I love it ! “

Once their victory is confirmed, Mathieu and Chloe have spread the good news on social networks, and they have called parents and friends. Then, they offered good food at the resto.

“I don’t know what the future holds, but I know that I will never forget this moment, said Ostiguy. The emotions are very, very intense. The people that we rub shoulders with and they know we are working very hard. But the reward is at the height of our efforts. “

Ostiguy is in his second title at the national level. In 2015, he had triumphed with Justine Brewer at the novice level.

“A canadian championship, it is a canadian championship, but there, we speak of the junior category. It is even more special… “

With the medal of the most brilliant in the neck, Matthew and Chloe will return to Quebec no later than Friday. They deserve a royal reception.

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