The best scorer of Switzerland is called Chentouf and plays in Nyon

FootballAvec already 10 goals to his credit, Karim Chentouf stands out as the most effective striker in the country. Nyon will build on it to create the feat against GC.

Le meilleur buteur de Suisse s’appelle Chentouf et joue à Nyon

At the time of challenge Grasshopper Sunday afternoon, in Nyon will rely on the flair and the address of Karim Chentouf, author of 10 goals this season.

When meeting for the first time Karim Chentouf, hand grip sturdy and physically strong (1.89 m 85 kg), one thinks that one is happy not to be a guardian. Because gasp as the weapon # 1 the Stade Nyonnais, the scorer of 32 years, rarely miss their target, and a balloon that he likes to see them die in the back of the net. “For me, this is the only true place of a ball on a field,” smiled the striker, who has already this season to nine goals in seven league matches. Added to this is a goal that he scored in the first round of the Cup.

“This is my best start, there is no more to say…” It has been tried, person, Switzerland, has not done better than him, at least at the level of the Promotion League or in the top floors: in the Super League, Itten (Saint-Gall), Hoarau, Fassnacht (YB) and Schürpf (Lucerne) are at four goals each while Castroman (Schaffhausen, switzerland) leads the ball in the Challenge with six successes to his credit.

“The Cup still magic”

However, the striker has remained silent the past weekend, a first this season that has not prevented Nyon, won 3-0 at Münsingen, continue walking forward. “Even if the team comes before all else, do not mark bothers me when even a little bit. We will say that I booked myself for Sunday…” on Sunday, which will see the boarder of Colovray challenge Grasshopper with the hope of creating the surprise. “The Cup remains a competition of magic, the whole world in a dream. But the Cup, when it is small, it is also the means to achieve something. We all want to pass on this tour. In ten games against GC, we lose nine. Let’s focus on the tenth, the one where everything has become possible. It is going to be necessary to pull out our guts, and go beyond. Take the 0-0 at half-time would already be a good start.”

Meyrin (where he was born) to Freiburg via Chênois, Carouge and a first stop at Colovray in 2011, Chentouf has somewhat drifted in the wider region. “My life has always been linked to football,” he says. As far as I remember, I always saw myself with a ball in the role of hunter. Everywhere I’ve played, I had fun and I met beautiful people.” In his garden like in the air where her head reigns supreme, Karim likes nothing less than to “feel the blows” will, “”anticipate the service of a partner”, surprise also its cerberus by introducing false tracks.

Wearer of a No. 9 that he claims and that he always carried in his back, the artificer is also the executor designated penalty in Nyon, a practice that he masters to perfection and succeeds without pressure. An exercise that it often repeats at the end of the training, thanks to the complicity of the guards of the Stadium. “I’m going to move the series in an attempt to put the maximum, he says. I am trying to multiply the angles of fire, in order to find variants. I stopped being afraid to shoot when I saw that players like Ronaldo or Messi, who earn millions, could be missed. If players like them miss sometimes, I am told that this could also happen to me, which happens quite rarely.”

In 48 hours, it will be necessary that the stars are aligned, the leader of the Promotion League, so a big game for fall GC. Before kick-off, Chentouf will sniff the air for Colovray, will walk around the sports centre, will look at maybe even another game like it used to. As asked about her prognosis, the answer fuse. “I see us win 1-0,” predicts Karim. It was not deemed useful to ask him the name of the scorer.

Servette and Lausanne have never thought of him

To see his “stats” impressive 149 goals in 290 matches), one can legitimately ask why the striker of moroccan origin has never pierced the highest, why its career, apart from a season in Challenge League in Nyon, has capped without getting the recognition that his talent would have deserved. At a given moment, he missed something or the opportunity to go one step further, is it not presented? “Probably a little of both. At the level of my potential, may be missed-I have a little more speed. What is also true is that I never really felt my luck. I would have liked to see me at another level…” and Yet, neither Servette or Lausanne, the two great rivals lémaniques, have not thought to approach the attacker forgotten. “They felt that I didn’t have the level to play at home, in their team. I eventually make a right.” Like many of his teammates, Karim works (80%) of its president, Vartan Sirmakes, in the world of high-end watchmaking. “I would never have played in the Super League, but today, I can earn my living as someone of normal, while balancing my passion for football, that remains what I prefer.”

Record Échallens?

The Three-Fir trees, the coming of the FC Basel to cause an enormous popular success, going well beyond the Gros-de-Vaud. On the 4674 tickets go on sale, the club vaudois had already elapsed Thursday 2525. “It is folly, it does not stop, confirms the president, Fritz Aeschbach. My fear is of having to refuse of the world. It will be necessary that people shake…” Is this to say that there will be more spectators on Saturday at Échallens that Sunday at the Pontaise for the derby romand? “I think that this may be the case, not wanting to offend the son”, replied the boss challensois.


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