The best Twitch Streamer has been running for nearly two weeks in a row

On Friday, Ludwig, the Twitch singer, fell asleep. He woke up around 11 a.m. PDT and lay down in his bed, chatting with over 30,000 viewers of his group. He’s spent a lot of time in that spot lately – in fact, he’s aired dozens of hours of himself wrapped in a bright red racing car bed since he first started airing.

As of Sunday morning March 28, the Ludwig Stream It is now live For nearly two weeks in a row. The broadcast began at around 2 PM PDT on Sunday, March 14th. to me New York times. The plan was to broadcast for 20 seconds for every new subscription purchased for his channel (subscriptions are $ 5 per month).

It’s a bit like a telethon – it won’t stop as long as the money keeps flowing. “We’re making this like a damn vending machine,” Ludwig said just a few hours into the first day of his schedule.

Stream him It turned into an event for Twitch viewers. Ludwig was already a star on Twitch when he started streaming (unofficial website TwitchTracker marks him as The 11th most popular English channel), and as the days went by, he became the most subscribed live broadcast on the site. Twitch promoted the broadcast prominently on its front page and wished to be on live broadcast.

As he neared reaching the last two weeks on Saturday, Ludwig had to turn away from the stream for the day and invite friends to take over. To make sure the marathon stream doesn’t expire while it’s off, run a subscription promotion to run the timer.

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“Subathons” have been happening on Twitch for years, and some have spanned days in the past. In April, LosPollosTV streamer He went for more than six days, To set what was thought to be a live broadcast at the time. (Other streams have lasted longer since, but without the branch lanes running all the time.)

Since his stream showed no sign of stopping, Ludwig added some restrictions. Subscriptions now only add 10 seconds to the watch. Viewers are limited to purchasing 100 gift subscriptions each. He also put on the cover for 31 days before he signed, no matter the reason.

It is not clear if he will reach this point. Over the course of this week, subscriptions have slowed. There were 37 hours left on the clock as of 8 AM ET Wednesday morning, but only 22 hours remained as of 8 AM ET Friday morning. As of this post, the timer has been hovering just above 12 hours and then periodically under 12 hours for some time – with submarines still arriving to keep the clock relatively steady throughout Saturday night and into Sunday morning – and now sits at around 11.5 hours.

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