March 25, 2023
"The birthright belongs to you" · TV news

“The birthright belongs to you” · TV news

Judas (Tiago Rodriguez) will free himself from the guilt of selling Jose (Juliano Lam) as a slave in the final chapters of origin. The Shepherd would relinquish the leadership of the clan and would hand over the seal, cord, and staff of Israel (Petronio Gontigo) to his younger brother. “The right to birth belongs to you,” the Hebrew will explain in the biblical Record account.

The good man was the envy of family members Precisely when he was chosen to replace his father in the settlement. He was handed over to pain by an Ismaili merchant, and Rúben (Filipe Cunha) invented the patriarch who The favorite son was devoured by a monster.

no wonder, The role of the protagonist Giuliano Laham He was suspicious when he saw the brothers wandering the streets of the Egyptian capital. He accused them of being spies They demand to return with Benjamin (Marcus Besa). To prove that they were telling the truth –And only then will they release Simon (Igor Kotrim) from prison.

Judah They will labor to persuade Israel, shocked by the latest loss, to allow their youngest to accompany them to a kingdom shishi (Fernando Peacock). By the way, the boy will be accused of theft as soon as the soldiers find the silver cup of the governor-general among his belongings.

Joseph Will test the character of relatives by claim Let Benjamin become your slave to pay for the crime. “Let me take his place as your slave. But it doesn’t force me to go back to see my father die of grief,” you’d be surprised Tamar’s husband (Juliana Xavier), by proving that he became a better person in the end.

Israel (Petrônio Gontijo) in the TV series at Six o’clock

What is the end of Judas in Genesis?

Satisfied, Joseph will reveal the true identity of the brothers and order them to return to Canaan To search for Israel and Dinah (Giovanna Coimbra). With Shishi’s approval, he will prepare the land of Goshen to be occupied by descendants lbrahim (Zecarlos Machado).

The good man asks, “Has everyone been accommodated? Is there anything missing?” From the series Camilo Pellegrini, Stephanie Ribeiro and Raffaella Castro. “Don’t worry. We have everything. We’re fine,” Judas will say, as he hands the seal hanging around his neck.

“What is that?” Jose will ask. “It’s yours. I already spoke to the father, and he agreed. Your birthright is,” he will reveal Thiago Rodriguez character.

Genesis is a free modification of the first book of the Bible. The series is divided into seven stagesAnd currently the record of the seventh exhibition: Jose the news Spread Synopsis of the biblical novel.

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