The blows of heart of the Kid-2018 (last part)

Danny Gélinas
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Les coups de cœur du Kid 2018 (dernière partie)

If last week I presented to you, in the first part of my favourites 2018, the tribute to my good friend Michel Cormier, I am continuing this week with another event which had an impact on me.

The series Tomorrow men

During all seasons, where I had the chance to work in the world of professional hockey and/or international, I always insisted with my training to maintain a link with a team of the QMJHL, who wanted to benefit from my knowledge and my contacts list. First of all, to the uninitiated, be aware that most of the men’s hockey split the circuit Courteau in three categories: small, medium and large markets. We categorize them as well because of the amount of their annual budget. For example, Québec city, Halifax and St. John, N. B., are among the major markets. Charlottetown and Sherbrooke could be regarded as “markets” means “, while Victoriaville and Baie-Comeau are known to be small. As for me, if I spent the most fantastic people in the Maritimes as well as Montreal (who later became the Charlottetown) and Lewiston, I will never forget the years spent with both the Collège Français de Verdun, the Tigers with the Drakkar, three teams with a limited budget.

When I watched this fall the series in the future, men over the airwaves of Radio-Canada, I’m reminded of a bunch of memories, because there is nothing to equal the satisfaction of winning in a small market.

As the title mentions, Tomorrow men follows the journey of young hockey players that are part of the Draveurs de Montferrand (here, here, the name of this city originates-it is the title of a song by Gilles Vigneault, the father of the author Guillaume Vigneault?). The training dispute his matches in the Junior League’s Elite Québec.

One will understand that the true junior league, the Ligue de Hockey Junior Majeur du Québec, has declined to lend his name to the series. Without a doubt, she was afraid to see his image somewhat tarnished… Yet the scenario was so well-crafted that it would have even been able to gain a certain profit.

Anyway, this series of ten one-hour episodes stuck truly to the present reality in a city of small market. For example, we have seen this rich business man who is taken suddenly for a man of hockey by becoming the president of the club (not necessarily one of my fondest memories of the ” Q “, the nickname given to the circuit Courteau !). Or in that other episode, then you see a bad trade to be completed for the purpose to put the hand on the son of one of the shareholders/owners (a “local” as we say in the jargon !), even if it was far from the caliber. Who cares about the impact inside the locker room, the important thing is to get the young! A refrain well-known that I remember to have observed at least three occasions between 1985 and 2008 in our small world of junior in the Quebec…

But as the fiction is never far from reality, the series will be marked by the presence of a coach from the old school, Robert Dion, (played by Normand D’amour), to which was attached a young wizard fine psychologist, Stéphane Meunier (sublime Émile Proulx-Cloutier). The game that is played between the two will remain, in my opinion, a piece of anthology. In the section ” memories “, my greetings to, among others, Joe Hardy and his deputy Denis Francoeur with Cataracts de Shawinigan or to James Gregory and Judes Valley with the Castors de Sherbrooke, the second wine !

By contrast, other characters have them also knew how to make us enjoy the series. One has only to think of the little Chloé Bouchard (Marianne Fortier), a canteen, more familiar with the policy side of the game that so many men of hockey, or the player Benji McSween (Alexandre Bourgeois) who will remind many of a certain winger by the name of Todd Gillingham

In short, if you missed the series, go quickly, the look on your decoder.

You will spend beautiful evenings.

I am told that it is preparing to write the script for the second season.

If ever Guillaume Vigneault was lacking of inspiration, he only has to call me. I might suggest a few stories quite crispy…


It seems that my friend the ex-sports journalist Marc Durand has found love in the area ! Insiders will recall that the most famous Huron after Max Gros-Louis had left the SRC (Société Radio-Canada) in order to devote more time to his production company. Often moving to the four corners of the country, he would have among others the opportunity to reconnect with the lovely Marie-Hélène Thibault , who, in the not so distant past, held a position of officer with Alpine Skiing, Canada, Calgary.

The world of sport is an environment where often the same people stand side by side, I have known Marc in the early 90’s while I was doing my early days as a talent scout while pursuing studies in political science at Laval University. We met frequently to the games of the dead
Snowy owls of Beauport and Quebec Nordiques.

A few years later, I met with Marie-Hélène during that time I gave a hand to Michel Boucher, one of my mentors, who was responsible for the recruitment with Hockey Canada, also based in Calgary.

In time, I was far from suspecting that almost 20 years later, Marie-Hélène would live exactly four houses from me and that our children would rise together within the same soccer team !

A small world, you say ?

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