February 5, 2023
The body that was found in a volcano cave may be that of a journalist who disappeared in the 1970s

The body that was found in a volcano cave may be that of a journalist who disappeared in the 1970s

On Tuesday (9), the body of a man of about 50 years old was found in a cave in Mount Etna, Italy. Guardia di Finanza agents were training police forces in Catania, a city south of Europe’s largest active volcano, when sniffer dogs directed the team into the hard-to-reach cave.

“It is a very secluded area. We go there periodically to do our exercises. “Thanks to the sniffer dogs, the body was found,” Lieutenant Colonel Massimiliano Pacheto told The Guardian.

Police are investigating whether the remains found belong to Italian investigative journalist Mauro Di Mauro, who disappeared in the 1970s. “Initial investigations indicate that the man does not appear to have died a violent death. The authorities believe that the death of the man from Etna must have occurred between the 1970s and the 1990s,” Bassetto explained.

According to the authorities, the corpse had a deformity in the mouth and nose, a description that caught the attention of the daughter of journalist Franca de Mauro, because the father also had this characteristic.

A DNA test must be done to check whether the body found is Moro de Mauro or not. The journalist disappeared on September 16, 1970. At that time, he was 59 years old, he was working on the search for the movie “O Caso Mattei”, which was released two years later.

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