October 1, 2022
The boys solve it, and Vasco beat Tombense 3-1 in the second division

The boys solve it, and Vasco beat Tombense 3-1 in the second division

a Vasco Today (13) beat Tombense 3 to 1 in São Janorio. The goals of the match, valid for the 24th round of the second division, were scored by Andre (twice) and Marlon Gomez for the home team, while Matthews Friso went down for the visitors.

By the way, Andre and Marlon Gomez are Vasco base gems and they are both 18 years old. They were encouraged by 20,903 people; But Marlon was injured early in the second half and complained of pain in his left thigh.

The two teams will return to play next Thursday (18). Vasco is visiting CSA8 p.m., while Tombense receives sports, 9:30 p.m.

In the classification of the second division, there was no change in the two teams. Cruz-Maltino is fourth with 42 points (eight from fifth), while Tombense is at 33 points in sixth.

Vasco dominates the first half

With the support of the fans, Vasco stepped up from the start of the match. In four minutes, Edemare played for Marlon who passed from his thigh to Nene. The midfielder crossed low and pushed Andre at the entrance to the small area into the back of the net.

In defense, goalkeeper Thiago Rodriguez appeared in Tombense opportunity shows. Yuri Lara, in a high ball in the area, almost deflected it into the goal, but the goalkeeper managed to save well, in reaction.

Marlon Gomez also showed the star and took the first half for himself when he was fired on the counter-attacks from the left side. He was the one who, at 39 minutes, conceded a good goal in the middle, scrawled three marks and kicked in place, in the left corner of the goal, with goalkeeper Felipe Garcia having no chance to defend. In celebration, he received a yellow card for removing his shirt.

The second half starts off quieter

The second stage started with a lower intensity. Even Tombense, in need of the result, tried to move on. But goalkeeper Thiago Rodriguez of Vasco tried to cool the match as much as possible, especially by using wax. He received a yellow card for delaying a goal kick in the eighth minute.

Marlon Gomez, who was having a good game, was injured a minute ago. He was fighting for the ball and soon fell to the ground, complaining of pain in the back of his left thigh. He was replaced by Figueiredo and had to be taken off the field on a stretcher.

Figueiredo entered the field instead of Marlon and at 11 o’clock he got a good pass from Andre in the depth. He was facing coach Felipe Garcia but hit the crossbar.

Vasco makes another one, reduces Tombense

After a miss by Tombense, Eguinaldo got the ball and rolled it to Palacios, who sent it straight to Andrey. Modify the midfielder to score his second goal in the match.

Tombense managed to reduce in the 39th minute, after a slip by Vasco’s defense. Everton made a good move, entered the penalty area and shot hard, forcing goalkeeper Thiago Rodriguez to make a good save. On the rebounding ball, free of marks, Mateus Friso sent it to the back of the net.

data sheet

Vasco 3 x 1 Tombense
reason: Round 24 of the Second Division of the Brazilian Championship
Date: 08/13/2022
place: Sao Januario
hour: 11 a.m. (from Brasilia)
Rule: Leandro Foden
Auxiliaries: Rafael da Silva Alves and Lerson Bing Martins
yellow cards: Roger Carvalho (Tom), Marlon Gomez (Fez), Thiago Rodriguez (Fez), Zee Ricardo (Tom), Rodrygo (Tom)
red cards: Kiki (TOM)
Objectives: Andrey (VAS), at 4′ in the first half (1-0); Marlon Gomez (VAS), 39 minutes into the first half (2-0); Andrey (VAS), 27 minutes into the second half (3-0); Mateus Friso (Tom), 39 minutes into the second half (3-1)

Vasco: Thiago Rodriguez Matthews Ribeiro, Quintero, Anderson Conceicao, Edemar; Yuri and Andre Santos; Marlon Gomez (Figueiredo), Nene (Palacios) and Alex Teixeira (Bruno Tobarao); Raniel (Iginaldo). Coach: Emilio Farrow.

tombense: Felipe Garcia, Diego Ferreira, Edney, Roger Carvalho, and Manuel; Rodrygo, Zee Ricciardo (Nenni Bonilla), Everton and Jean Lucas (Mateus Fritzo); Bruno Motta and Ciel (Renatetino). Coach: Bruno Peveti.