March 24, 2023
The Brazilian Football Confederation informs Flamengo that it will no longer postpone the Brazil matches, no later than October |  flamingo

The Brazilian Football Confederation informs Flamengo that it will no longer postpone the Brazil matches, no later than October | flamingo

The Brazilian Football Confederation informed Flamengo on Friday evening that it will not postpone the Brazilian championship matches during the FIFA date in October. With that, the matches against Bragantino and Fortaleza next week are kept.

At the invitation of Brazil, Gabigol will defeat Flamengo in the Brazilian championship – Photo: Getty Images

Flamengo will embezzle four holders during this period, as the 2022 World Cup qualifiers will take place: Brazil have called up Gabigol and Everton Ribeiro; Arascaeta will defend Uruguay. And it will be Isla with Chile. The FIFA deadline will end in October on the 14th.

Flamengo matches have been kept on the following dates:

  • Bragentino, the stadium of the Prophet Abi Chedid, on October 6 (Wednesday).
  • Fortaleza, Castellao Stadium, on October 9 (Saturday)

In the Brazilian Football Confederation, the decision to postpone or not postpone matches has created internal disagreements. Until Friday night, entity managers were trying to solve the problem.

The reason for the difference was the understanding that a precedent was set that could not be set. The argument is that if Brazil is paralyzed by the upcoming FIFA dates, the tournament will not conclude until after the first half of December, which would break the agreement with the National Professional Footballers Federation that was implemented in 2020.

The federation clarified in an official memorandum the decision not to postpone the matches in five topics. See version:

On the matches of the Brazilian First Division Championship to be played during the periods of the next two rounds of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 qualifiers in October and November, the CBF explained:

1. On Thursday, September 30, the entity received an official letter from the National Professional Football Players Association (FENAPAF) stressing the need for full compliance with the agreement signed with the Ministry of Public Labor in August 2020, outlining the first and second weeks. December is the closing date for this season’s events.

2. This agreement, approved by the 15th District Regional Labor Court, upon the resumption of matches in Brazil following the interruption of the tournament due to the pandemic, guarantees full holidays and a sufficient period of pre-season preparation for clubs and athletes previously. 2022 competition kicks off.

3. The CBF’s initial intention was to promote the postponement of Serie A matches during the next two dates for FIFA, as it had the possibility of rescheduling the postponed matches using the dates until 29 December. However, after a detailed study of the schedule, the postponements became useless due to the unavailability of appointments due to the restrictions stipulated in the agreement with the athletes.

4. As it is impossible to make all necessary adjustments to the calendar for the current season, these tours will be kept as originally scheduled.

5. Attached, the Brazilian Football Confederation reveals the revised calendar covering the Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A and Copa do Brasil matches, which will end on December 9 and 15, respectively, in line with the signed agreement. It is important to note that the closing date of the Brazilian League has been revised from December 5 to December 9, as a result of the Copa Libertadores da America final match between two Brazilian teams and the transfers made on the pitch. The FIFA date is September.

Last Friday, when Tite called the Seleção to the October qualifiers, The Brazilian Football Confederation has announced that it will postpone club matches with selected athletes: Atlético-MG, Flamengo, Internacional, Palmeiras.

– We spoke to Manuel (Flores), the competition director. And as again in three matches, the same criteria we adopted in September will be adopted for the clubs whose players have been called up – said Juninho Paulista, selection coordinator.

Internally within the Brazilian Football Confederation, the decision was made at the time to postpone the end of Serie A to the second half of December. But some clubs responded in the opposite direction and asked that their matches not be postponed even if they were not called up.

This week, players from 19 Serie A clubs – excluding Flamengo players – signed a document sent to the Brazilian Football Confederation demanding that the Brazilian championship rounds not be postponed. The idea of ​​the movement is to reinforce the need to close the tournament on schedule, on December 5th.

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