July 24, 2024

The Brazilian Observatory captures the James Webb Telescope in space

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The Brazilian Observatory captures the James Webb Telescope in space
The Brazilian Observatory captures the James Webb Telescope in space

Last Saturday night (25), observatory very closeStudy specialist asteroids and comets, captured by the James Webb Space Telescope and its booster as it flies towards the Lagrangian Point (L2).

According to engineer, physicist and amateur astronomer Christofau Jacques, co-founder of Sonar and the channel Astro News On YouTube, the images were taken with a 280mm telescope with a focal length of F2.2 and analyzed using software commonly used to identify asteroids.

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Amateur astronomer Christofau Jacques has released images from the James Webb Telescope taken by the Sonar Observatory. Photo: Sonar Observatory

SONEAR stands for “Southern Near-Earth Asteroid Research Observatory”. It was created in Oliveira (MG) by Cristóvão Jacques and João Ribeiro, two amateur astronomers, who later invited attorney Eduardo Pimentel, also an astronomy enthusiast, to join the team.

Jack says 30 photos of 10 seconds each were taken about 12 hours after launch – moments before launch Lane modification maneuver by a space telescope.

As seen on his computer screen, shared in the video below, Jack shows where James Webb is and also indicates the location of the booster, the last stage to be separated from the telescope after launch.

“The booster is in the same direction and at a speed slightly slower than the James Webb Telescope,” explains the amateur astronomer, explaining that while the booster is flying at 6.57 arc seconds per minute (7465 km/h) in the 90.2 direction, Webb is at 7.48 arc seconds per minute (8500 km / h) in the direction of 88.9.

Later, Jack shows a larger picture, and places the two objects in the same frame so that the viewer can see them simultaneously.

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An amateur astronomer teaches how to see the James Webb Telescope in space

On previous videoA live broadcast broadcast three days before launch, Christopher Jack teaches enthusiasts how to locate James Webb in space from a ground-based observatory. Share Link NASA to configure the space telescope ephemeris.

This Sunday (26th), Jack will be doing a new job broadcast live On their channel at 9:30PM EST featuring footage of both James Webb and Comita Leonard – But it all depends on the weather, so the live broadcast has not yet been confirmed.

Jack explained in an interview with digital look.

The much-anticipated launch of the James Webb Telescope has resonated nationally, internationally and of course, social media as well. paying off here Some of the “memes” shared by Twitter users, mainly deal with the issue of the date that coincided with Christmas.

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