December 3, 2023
Foto: Divulgação/Pexels

The Breastfeeding Association recommends the term “father’s milk”: “inclusion”

The American Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine New guide to transgender inclusion published. It is a guide that advises hospitals and healthcare professionals to change traditional technical terminology.

According to the document, health professionals are required to choose the terms ‘father’s milk’ and ‘breast milk’ to refer to ‘mother’s milk’. Although the instructions were published in July 2021, they were circulated on social media this week, especially after pressure from the Joe Biden administration for a gender transition for children and to protect the rights of the LGBT+ community.

Other terms proposed by the Breastfeeding Association include “pregnant father” instead of “mother” and “lactating person” instead of “lactating mother”.

In 2020, the Academy published a statement that said: “We are aware that not all persons who give birth and who are sick are considered female and that some individuals are neither female nor male.”

The papers also state that “the use of sexual language or inclusive language is appropriate in many settings” and call for “future studies to include broader gender categories and to include information on hormonal treatments and surgeries for transgender patients”.

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