June 26, 2022
The bride in handcuffs, the groom in a bathrobe: Flavia and Guilherme's wedding would evoke "more life, better!"  |  Come to me around - come

The bride in handcuffs, the groom in a bathrobe: Flavia and Guilherme’s wedding would evoke “more life, better!” | Come to me around – come

First of all, treat it Teak (Kareena Dohm) Put him in a valid Gui / Flávia, and he, or rather, he will wake up not understanding anything in Arriba Caracas! 😱 First, of course, “Biscateira” will take a selfie and send it to Selena (Anna Lucia Tori)the person in charge of the marriage plan.

“But this is Arriba Caracas… What do I do without clothes in a hotel? It’s almost time for my wedding! Where are my pants? My cell phone?”, he will say, still dizzy.

Teca dopará Guilherme / Flávia on their wedding day at “How Much More Life, Better!” Photo: Globe

Gui/Flávia will try to open the door and it will be locked in the motel room!

“Relax! Someone got me out of here!”

Meanwhile, the real Guilherme, in Flávia’s body, will be in the beauty salon after a real “bride’s day”, however, with a bad feeling…

“I’m trying to talk to Guilherme, he’s not answering me. I don’t know, strange feeling”

On top of that, the police will find slot machines in the bakery Jukka (Fabio Herford) After a complaint Flavia will be pursued.

In the chapel, Flávia / Gui, betrothed, Guilherme / Flávia, will be waiting when the delegates surprise her.

“We need to talk, Pink. At the police station! Who-Who bakery promotes illegal gambling. Three slot machines!” Prado (Pedroca Montero).

“I have nothing to do with him! I can’t be arrested!”

Guilherme / Flávia will appear in church in “The More Life, the Better!” Photo: Globe

Flávia/Gui will then attempt to escape and escape from the church, but will stumble upon the train of her dress. The dancer will be restricted. Gui/Flávia will then appear in her bathrobe!

“What’s going on here in the church?” , will ask Flávia, in Guilherme’s body.

“There will be no more weddings!” , replied Guilherme in Flavia’s body. 😔

16 April


Guilherme/Flávia feels bad and Teca supports him. Ingrid tells Baby/Paula about Rose’s presence in her house. The child / Paula kisses Paula / the child in front of Rose. Paula/Neném tries to convince Rose to love Baby. Torres and Prado found slot machines in Juca’s bakery. Karem hears Paula/Nenim and Ninem/Paula talking and she is surprised. Guilherme/Flavia and Flavia/Guilherme’s wedding day arrives.

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Remember when Flávia and Gui announced their marriage to the family:

Gilherme/Flavia and Flavia/Gilherme confirm their marriage to the doctor’s family