November 30, 2023
rancho bruno gagliasso

The Bruno Gagliasso farm was created to connect children with nature

It was with the idea of ​​connecting children with nature Bruno Jagalyasu And the Giovanna Eubank I decided to build a real oasis in little Membeca, in Paraíba do Sul, in the interior of Rio de Janeiro. A family resting place goes beyond a simple country house.

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The place was named Rancho da Montanha, and the place gradually acquired structure. In a recent interview with Quem magazine, Bruno said he plans to reforest the area, create a wildlife sanctuary, produce clean energy and connect his children, aunt And the blesswith its origins. They were born in Malawi, South Africa. smallest Xian Once he is born and already enjoys the space surrounded by green and crystal water and birds.

In fact, recently, Zyan’s main entertainment has been to welcome every pet back home.

Another proof that Zyan is literally connected to nature is seeing the little boy climbing the ground.

The fruits grown there also get a “certificate” of approval from Xian before going on for family consumption.

To honor Titi and Bliss, Bruno and Jovana brought the baobab tree, a tree with great symbolism in African culture, planted with the help of a crane.

Bruno told the publication where the inspiration to own a farm came from. “My dad! He taught me to love nature from a young age. We frequented the beach and farms and farms, so this was a very natural process for me. I’ve always wanted a place like this, Giovanna too,” the actor said. Very connected to the sea. When the farm opportunity came up, we didn’t think twice. I want my children to grow up caring and appreciating nature.”

“The greatest joy in this life is to see my children discovering the world and nature…but especially when they discover all this together! My heart aches with so much love! What’s the news with you? Did they do a good job at harvesting?” said the actress and presenter on social media. “Is there lettuce from the farm?” joked.

The Gagliasso farm is also a place of gratitude and appreciation for the family’s accomplishments. There, everyone becomes more connected to each other. The internet is only for taking a picture and another and recording some memorial videos.

Bruno likes to get his hands dirty. “I became interested in sustainability when I realized that we are part of nature. I always cared about this but now it is urgent. We need to plant. We need water. We need to respect and conserve nature. I study all the time to learn more about nature. And at the time of building the farm, We listened to professionals from every region to do everything in the best way,” he told the magazine.

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More wild animals? she has! “These are Blue and Jade, legal blue and yellow parrots born in captivity, that have been abandoned and need care,” the representative said on the networks.

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