The BUCK: 20 years of sweet folly

La BUCK: 20 ans de douce folie

The world of improvisation is alive and well in Granby. Evidence of this is the BUCK this year celebrates its 20th season Sunday night on crack.

“The tradition has never changed. We almost always played in the bars on Sunday evening. It has already been called in question, but it remained, ” says Jean-Philippe Locas, organizer and player for a very long time in this league in the name of fun. Do not look for savant acronym here. In its early years, the word “buck” was a simple reference to a glass of beer, and then the logo was later changed to a moose antler, ” he says.

Apart from a few changes here and there, the BUCK — born after the death of his ancestor, the LAIR — however, has remained faithful to his first vocation : entertainment in the pure state. Even the entrance fee of $ 3 has never increased !


A little slow for a few years, the world of improv has taken over the hair of the beast, says Jean-Philippe Locas. In secondary schools, where this activity had often disappeared, there is a renewed interest. Same thing at the Cégep de Granby, which is for the BUCK a real nursery of talent.

“For the past few years, it has started. At the core of veterans, new recruits are added. It holds camps for recruitment in the beginning of the season and we should refuse to players. I’m not worried. The succession is assured, ” says he.

This year, for the second time in its history, the league with five teams, instead of four. It is, therefore, twenty players who jump in the arena every week at the Pub in the Village of Granby, which has been the scene of the majority of the games of the BUCK in 20 years.

Committed in the years 2000 within the league of regional Development of improvisation (DRI), and a member of the provincial Association of improvisation since 2016, the BUCK, however, has not renewed its membership this year, due to lack of time, ” says Locas. The games have thus found their content exclusively local.

Public down

Although the local pool of improvisers is fascinating, and the response of the public granbyen enthusiastic, Jean-Philippe Locas notes, however, a trend of ridership decline.

“In the bars in general, it is more quiet. And maybe the Sunday night really became an evening of tv in Quebec… We have already attracted crowds of 80 to 100 people without effort. There, it attracts an average of 50 to 75 people per night. For a long time, the 18-to-25 years have been very present, but we see them less, ” said the thirty-year-old, adding that the league account fortunately of devoted supporters.

Since the time, the BUCK has become a real social club for several. More than a simple league of improv, it has generated strong friendships and great stories.

Special activities

To celebrate in its 20 years, the league will add a few special events to its regular programming. At the end of the month of February, the current players will play against a few former players of the LAIR in a game highly friendly.

On the first Sunday of April, it will mark the end of the season by a face-to-face between the four star players of 2018-2019 and the four best players of all time within the BUCK, let him know Jean-Philippe Locas.

And if the organizers manage to gather the necessary funds, it is also possible that Granby is home to an important tournament for improvisation, in may next, to which many cities would be invited.

“We’re looking for sponsors “, adds Mr. Locas.

The message is passed.

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