The builders of minor hockey in Granby honored

Les bâtisseurs du hockey mineur à Granby honorés

François Brodeur wants to pay tribute to all the volunteers who have built the minor hockey in Granby. To do this, he undertook an exhaustive search that should take the form of a “wall builders” at the centre sportif Léonard-Grondin, next fall.

The development of minor hockey in Granby is a history that is at once rich and unknown, underlines the long-standing volunteer François Brodeur, who started a year-an ambitious literature search on the topic.

The an amateur historian wishes to list the volunteers from the minor hockey since the 60’s. “I limit myself to those who have served on committees or boards of directors, because if I membership rosters included the coaches, I would have thousands of names ! “, he says.

To date, he has written more than 400 names on its records.


It is by seeing a picture of the arena with the photos of a committee to take the path of the garbage that he decided to take action to preserve this segment of the sports heritage. “It was the only copy, if I didn’t bring him to the house, he would have been lost “, he explains. A little later, he also recovered a poster with the first logo of a minor league hockey de Granby would have suffered the same fate.

For Mr. Brodeur and the few staff members who have joined the project, it is essential to preserve the memory of these pioneers of the local hockey. “We want those volunteers who have reached 25-30 years of involvement become idols for the new generation. We are always looking for new people to get involved and it is also a way to validate their role. “

In the light of its research, the year 1969 could represent a pivotal moment in the history of hockey granbyen, the secularisation of the sport are likely to be occurring this year. “Before it was hockey’s parish in Granby. There were six, and depending on the level the teams were playing inside or outside. “According to the historian, amateur minor hockey would have started with the appearance of the recreation department municipal.


The search is difficult, even if the information sought goes back only a few decades. “In recent years, there has been no desire to keep this heritage. (…) There are several documents that I found in the workbooks in which all the world was unaware of the content “, he says.

In addition to a few seasons in the 70’s and 80’s, the period of the most difficult to get pictures of the volunteers is the last decade according to François Brodeur. “When the family Lacroix was arrested for getting involved in minor hockey in order to concentrate on the organization of the tournaments, the tradition of photos of the committees is lost “, laments he.

As the main source of documentation, the historian peels the minutes of the various committees of minor hockey. “I can’t rely solely on the word of someone, the better it may be an indication to help me to find. With a minutes, I can assure myself that such was involved this year, but to have all the information, I have read all the minutes. “

The programs, which were distributed in the beginning of the season the also help to complete his research. Moreover, François Brodeur request the assistance of the public by inviting all those who have in their possession to the programs of the years 70 or 80 to make contact with him.

The wall that the builders should be installed in the corridor near the area restaurant, on the second floor of the centre sportif Léonard-Grondin next fall. The official name and details of the provision will need to be specified, but it is already known that over a hundred names and photos of volunteers should be there.

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