The calm before the storm in the PLR geneva

PolitiqueA Chêne-Bourg, a month of the assembly on the future of Pierre Maudet, each side had its supporters. Atmosphere tense.

Le calme avant la tempête au PLR genevois

Alexandre de Senarclens remains on his positions, and calls for members of the party to discuss the crisis at the extraordinary general meeting of January 15, 2019.

They came, they are all here… to the assembly of delegates of the PLR geneva organized in Chêne-Bourg. The order of the day is trivial, since it comes to deciding keywords for the votes of February, on the law on secularism, the reimbursement of dental care and to a health insurance fund.

But the public is surprisingly provided: the party’s president, Alexandre de Senarclens, the national councillors, except Christian Lüscher, the two councillors of State, the former stars of the party: Gilbert Coutau, Claude Haegi and a hundred members are present.
What’s going on? It is the 15th of January, at an extraordinary general meeting, the party will focus on the fate of Pierre Maudet. Several instances call for his resignation. Has a month and some days to maturity, while the friends of Pierre Maudet require the mounting of the assembly on December 18, the fire smoldering under the ashes. Each camp is present in Chêne-Bourg: no question of leaving the field open to the opponent.

At this little game, it is the president who has an advantage: it is up to him to open the meeting. The throat, returning on the demand of resignation addressed to the magistrate of the canton, Alexandre de Senarclens launches without the quote once: “on Monday, the steering committee has talked about. Its 28 members took their responsibility in deciding the more close to their consciousness. It is a difficult choice, which has not been taken with a heavy heart, unimaginable a few months ago. Despite our disagreements, we must respect the choice of the committee. Another instance will meet and decide the 15. It is important that it be held, to discuss and decide on too.” The discussion shifts to the objects of voting, without much passion, except for the law on secularism, where the work of its author, Pierre Maudet, is applauded.

It is finally to the various end-of-session that the discussions get hot, a taste of the 15. “But why have you decided to choose for your assembly, while the City has a municipal council and that another room is available”, asks a participant to the chair. Other critics showered on the response of the HWP national on the case Maudet. “What do you want, we are in the sight of all the sections HWP Switzerland,” explains Hugues Hiltpold. Whistles, applause, shouts of “presumption of innocence!” Other applications to change the date of the assembly are made, but Alexandre de Senarclens is not moving. At the end of this debate, during which the crisis of the party could be discussed for the first time openly, the atmosphere within the HWP is tense, but remains civilized. A tone that contrasts with the interventions sometimes heard on the same topic on the social networks.


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