The captains of the football romand support Petković

FootballLa out Valon Behrami national team elicits a virulent campaign of anti-Petkovic outre-Sarine”. In French-speaking Switzerland, the analysis of the controversy is quite different.

Les pontes du foot romand soutiennent Petkovic

Vladimir Petkovic also pays for the failure of the Swiss in 8th of final of the world Cup against Sweden.

The essential

For or against?
Vladimir Petkovic should he stay at the head of the Swiss team?
Six personalities in French-speaking switzerland’s football expose their point of view.
The key moments that led to the current situation.

Over a month has passed since that traumatic defeat in the eighth-final of the world Cup against Sweden. A failure which has apparently not yet been digested, and that is certainly the origin of the controversy over the shelving of Valon Behrami and Ice of the national team.

On the other side of the Sarine, the “Blick” took advantage of “the deal” to begin a virulent campaign against Petkovic. With the avowed purpose of seeing the technician bosnian to turn the heels. But that believed in us from the national coach? To get an idea, we interviewed six personalities in French-speaking switzerland of football. Christian Constantin, Didier Fischer, Christian Binggeli, Alain Joseph, Pablo Iglesias and Xavier Hochstrasser we expose their point of view.

A choice sports

“On the bottom, I understand, and share, the choice of Vladimir Petkovic to make a generational change within the team of Switzerland”, launches from the outset, Christian Constantin, president of FC Sion. A vision shared by Didier Fischer, his counterpart servettien: “In my view, the frames discarded by the breeder did not respond to this at the 8th of final against Sweden, it was necessary to do the cleaning in-house.” “It is logical to trust new players, more young people, who will use the new League of nations, scheduled for the autumn, to prepare the qualifications for the Euro 2020”, was Pablo Iglesias, sporting director of FC Lausanne-Sport.

A choice sporting a rather logical therefore: it is the form rather than the substance of debate. Didier Fischer: “It is certain that there are ways to do that, so that the dirty linen is washed in the family. From this point of view, Petkovic failed because it was not able to clearly communicate its intentions.” Because wouldn’t that open the door to misunderstanding, this is already a first failure.

“Valon Behrami was clearly wrong things”, explains Xavier Hochstrasser, the former international, who holds all the same to put things in perspective: “Every day in Switzerland, people are to dismiss without a lot of ways, by a simple letter. Yes, football is cruel, and at the time of managing the egos and sensitivities, there are no rules. Things are never that simple, it takes just one wrong word and someone takes offence.”

Words are difficult to hear, certainly. Blunders regarding form, perhaps. But in any case not what put the legitimacy of the breeder in question. “It does not do Petkovic the wrong coach,” says “CC”. “If, for the highest levels of our football, Vladimir Petkovic was the man of the situation prior to these controversies, I don’t see why it would not be out today, says Alain Joseph. In my opinion, our leaders should instead start by asking the right questions on the quality of their communication. On subjects as sensitive as the remarks of Mr. Miescher or on the setting aside of a player like Valon Behrami in thirty seconds, the way has been catastrophic.”

On this point, the former president of the LS is quickly joined by Christian Binggeli. “When you look at the whoppers that allows you to say, Alex Miescher, which is always in place, there are other problems to deal with at the ASF as the case of the coach”, stressed president of Neuchâtel Xamax. True. To start with a miscommunication, and absolutely not in question. At the ASF, it is too sure of always being right and just.

“Right in his boots”

If this finding is particularly annoying, it should not tarnish the reputation of the breeder. Xavier Hochstrasser is a privileged witness of the “event” Petkovic. The former midfielder international has evolved, YB, during two and a half years under the orders of the current coach. “Personally, I have to say that this is the best coach I had during my entire career, ensures the Genevois. Tactically, he knows how to perfectly adapt a group’s requirements. And, humanly speaking, he is right in his boots, always careful to be clear and fair with each individual. After that, it is not the strongest in communication, it is certain, all the more that, in terms of appearance, it gives the impression of being cold.”

Fact remains that a breeder is first judged on its results. And Petkovic, with his two 8th-final, consecutive, for the Euro 2016 and at the World-2018, does not have to blush. “On the substantive work of, Petkovic is unassailable, ensures Iglesias. It was a little too fast tend to forget that Switzerland is a small country. What the national team has succeeded in recent years is remarkable.” “Petkovic is still the man of the situation, resumes Didier Fischer. Provided he has the courage to raise fundamentally the dynamic of this team, and not only do the band-aid.” An ambition which goes through a number of decisions, not necessarily popular.


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