The CAQ and softens the register of firearms [VIDEO]

La CAQ assouplit le registre des armes à feu [VIDÉO]

The minister of public Safety Geneviève Guilbault will remove some of the “irritants” in the registre québécois firearms, but did not intend to abolish it.

In a press briefing at the national Assembly, the minister has sought to show the consensus around the changes that it proposes, to 6 days to the deadline of 29 January to register their weapons in Quebec.

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She was surrounded by Heidi Rathjen, a survivor of the slaughter at the Polytechnique, Alain Cossette, director general of the quebec Federation of anglers and hunters and Martin Prud’homme, director general of the Sûreté du Québec (SQ).

When the law will be amended, the gun owners will no longer have to notify the system of a temporary change of the place of storage of a gun, they will no longer have a double registration number and will no longer have to provide the measure of the length of the barrel of the weapon.

Mr. Cossette, who represents hunters, said he was very pleased to have received these easing measures. He calls them to register their weapons, in order not to do civil disobedience, but on the bottom, he said he is always in favor of the abolition of such a registry.

For the minister Guilbault, there is no question to go that far. “There is a law, and all must comply with it. The registry is here to stay, and there is no question of abolishing it.”

Even if the police officers from the SQ will not be of the “door to door” to verify the registration of weapons after the January 29, Mr. Prud’homme warns the owners that fines can apply, at any verification routine.

To this day, 349 952 arms are recorded in the province, which is relatively small compared to the 1.6 million weapons in circulation. The minister hoped that the announcement of such easing will encourage a majority of hunters and gun owners to join the registry.

However, it will take an amendment to the law, which can take several months, before these irritants disappear officially.

More details to come…



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