The CAQ, the goat and the cabbage

Jean-Marc Salvet
The Sun

La CAQ, la chèvre et le chou

CHRONIC / so far, the government of François Legault is often drawn from bad is easy on the goat and the cabbage. He tries to do the same thing in the case of the firearms registry. But it may well disaffect very rapidly throughout the world in this case.

Backwards first a little in time.

Lower levels of immigration is a contested one? The reduction is temporary and the thresholds will be enhanced as quickly as possible, hastened to indicate the minister, Simon Jolin-Barrette.

The family law must be revised, are reminiscent of the experts? He will be, promised the minister Sonia LeBel. So it has been a pleasure to those who call for a revision without ruffle those likely to be nose-up, since it has said nothing about the changes that could intervene. To the bottom of things is returned to later.

The economic update does not correspond in any point to some election commitments? Wait for the spring budget, has been submitted.

The government has thrown to the dustbin the 2020 targets on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions? No problem, he promised to reach out to those of 2030! See you in a few years, so…

Then, the “vested right” or not for teachers on religious signs? Over there, all we heard since the election.

Such a folder pops up in the news? A minister said they were “concerned”. Very well, but still? A controversy broke? Another minister says it is “concerned” … One could lengthen the list. But the more time that passes, the more a government must commit. Even when he does everything to avoid it, deadlines, catch up. And the result is the same, if not worse.

The test policy of the registry

The government Legault sees arrive very quickly, the date of 29 January. This is where the non-restricted firearms circulating in Quebec will have to have been registered by their owner.

This case is more delicate than others to the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ). This is to avoid a grumbling internally that the leader François Legault was authorized in the spring of 2016 its mps to vote freely on the project of registry of weapons. The party line had exceptionally been set aside. Eight members of the national Assembly had voted against the draft law of the government Couillard, whose seven caquistes.

By the voice of the minister of public Safety, Genevieve Guilbault, the government has shown so far reluctant to say that he will enforce the law in its entirety, up to impose fines of $ 500 for a first offense) to the recalcitrant who refuse to register their hunting weapons. One way to spare the goat and cabbage — try to do it in any case.

If he holds to this speech up to 29, Quebec mécontentera those believing that this registration is not only legitimate, but that it is necessary.

At least it does not cancel the law, it will apply however. From there, there are hunters who will be dissatisfied. And they will all the more that the government will be a little to believe that it does not happen anything after the 29 January.

These are the forces of order and the administrative apparatus which will apply the law. Not all at once, not 1 February. But with the passage of time.

And the supporters of the registry making to the “laxity” of government the difficulties that may arise from the fact that a very large number of people have not registered their long guns.

In this case, the government may well in the end not to have spared neither the goat nor the cabbage. More rapidly than other files in any case.

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