December 3, 2023

The CDC document warns that the delta variant spreads as easily as chickenpox and can cause serious infections.

The document – a slide presentation – outlines undisclosed data, showing that full vaccinated individuals can spread the delta variant as well as unknown individuals.

“I think people need to understand that we’re not crying wolves here, which is serious,” he told CNN.

“It’s one of the most contagious viruses we know of. Measles, chicken pox, it – they’re all there.”

The CDC recommends encouraging everyone to wear a mask at school, regardless of vaccination status
The CDC is scheduled to release the data on Friday, which will support Valensky Controversial decision Change guidance for those who have been fully vaccinated. He said even those who were fully vaccinated by the CDC on Tuesday were advised to wear masks in areas where the virus has spread or is high.

He said everyone in schools – students, staff and spectators – should wear masks at all times.

“The steps we need to take to bring this under control – they are serious. The actions you need are serious,” Valensky told CNN.

He said the information in the report did not surprise him. “It was very worrying that the data were all compiled in one place,” he said.

CDC updates guidelines, recommends that vaccinated people wear masks in certain areas

According to the CDC presentation, the delta variant is as contagious as chicken pox, with an average of eight or nine people being infected with each infected person. The original heredity was as contagious as the common cold, with each infected person transmitting the virus to an average of two other people.

That infection is called R0.

“When you think of diseases with eight or nine R0 – not many,” Valensky told CNN.

If people who have been vaccinated somehow become infected, they do not have the virus in their body. That is, as non-infected individuals they are more likely to infect someone else.

“Unlike other types of people who have been vaccinated, even if they are not infected, they still spread the infection and the virus,” says Dr. Walter Orenstein. Viewer of the Emory Vaccine Center and documents, CNN.

But the document indicates that those who are vaccinated are safe.

“Vaccines prevent more than 90% of serious illnesses, but may be less effective in preventing infection or transmission,” it says. “So, despite the vaccination, there is more progress and more community spread.”

It says vaccines can reduce the risk of serious illness or death by 10 times and triple the risk of infection.

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This presentation cites all three reports of delta variability – originally called B.1.617.2 – which can cause very serious disease.

The CDC, the document advises, “must acknowledge that the war has changed.” It prescribes vaccine commands and global mask requirements.

The virus was once against the rise across the United States – especially in less populated areas.

According to Johns Hopkins University data, the United States averaged more than 61,300 new daily cases in the past week – the country has risen generally since June 20, when it reached 11,299 lower than 2021.

“We have more cases now than we had any day last summer,” Valensky told CNN.

According to Johns Hopkins, as of Wednesday, cases had increased in all but one state over the past seven days.

Analysis: The CDC has failed to release the data needed to determine the risk of breakthrough infection

“One thing I can say is that I’m glad to see more people taking action in response to what’s worse for the last two days – taking the necessary action to get more companies, businesses, states, locals to get us out of this,” Valensky said.

The CDC document faces new “communication challenges” as a result of breakthrough infections, and the need to restore public health messages to highlight the vaccine as the best defense against delta variability.

It says the agency should “improve public understanding of breakthrough infections” and “improve communication around personal risk among those vaccinated”.

Earlier on Thursday, President Joe Biden Announced several new steps His administration will take the initiative to try to vaccinate more Americans, including that all federal employees must certify that they have been vaccinated against Govt-19 or face stricter regulations.

“It’s an American tragedy. People are dying – dying – who doesn’t have to die. If you don’t leave, you don’t have to die,” Biden said in a statement to the White House. “Read the news. You ‘ve seen stories of patients who have not been treated in hospitals since they were lying in bed dying from Govt-19, and they ask,’ Doc, can I get vaccinated? ‘ Doctors should say, ‘Sorry, it’s too late.’ “

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John Boneyfield of CNN contributed to this report.