January 28, 2023

The CEO of Taunsa explains how to sponsor the street race and hopes to solve the problem with the Corinthians

This Wednesday, Viel was surprised to see that Tonsa, a former sponsor who was sued for negligence at the club, is the main sponsor of “Circuito Corridas de Rua” in 2023.

In an interview with The Sports GazetteCledson Cruz, the company’s CEO, said the sponsorship “It was determined a long time ago, before the lawsuit (filed by Corinthians)very different procedures.” When asked about the operation, the actor did not reply because of the contract, but he hopes.This very soon will be resolved and clarificationsIn conclusion, he said, “The company values ​​partnership and believes that sports are a great tool for inclusion.”

“Circuito Corridas de Rua” is a series of three events that will take place in São Paulo and Recife. As the title sponsor, Taunsa carries its name in most of the event’s promotions, including the name.

The name Taunsa appears on the Rua Corridas logo

Advertising/Street Racing

Check out all of the sponsors of Circuito Corridas de Rua

Check out all of the sponsors of Circuito Corridas de Rua

Advertising/Street Racing

Remember Corinthians v. Tunsa

The relationship between Timão and Taunsa started on December 15, 2021, When the company was announced as the club’s new sponsor. On the same day, defensive midfielder Paulinho was announced as a new reinforcement for Corinthians and He also stated that the farmers were responsible for his return to Parque São Jorge And they will pay part of his salary.

Turns out that never happened. In March, it was reported that Taunsa delayed payment to the People’s Team due to a “cash flow issue”.. Later, In April, the club suspended its sponsorship until payments were normalised.

Months later, in December Corinthians He filed a lawsuit against the agribusiness company to receive the amount Which, according to the document, is R$267,288,57.50. It was not disclosed how the debt was paid off.

It is important to note that Wesley Melo, Chief Financial Officer of Timão, It has already been announced that the club is organized and the amounts owed by the company do not in fact affect the white and black accounts. – But of course, if the debt is paid, the club will benefit from the millions it receives.

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