September 24, 2022
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The Chamber agrees to establish a health and tourism lottery | Policy

The Parliament This Tuesday (30) passed a bill authorizing the federal government to create a lottery for health and tourism. The text will go to a presidential sanction.

According to the proposal, a portion of the winnings to be collected in gaming forms will be allocated to the National Health Fund (FNS), in the case of the Health Lottery; and the Brazilian Agency for International Tourism Promotion (Embratur), in the case of the tourism lottery (see more below).

The project to allow the creation of new lotteries appeared in the second month of the epidemic.

In May 2021, in the first analysis of the deputies, the project predicted that the funds collected would be allocated to the prevention and control of the Corona virus, while the public health emergency continued.

There was also a deadline for the tourism lottery, which was created to mitigate the economic effects of the tourism sector in the pandemic.

when passing SenateThe bill underwent changes welcomed by lawmakers on Monday.

Among the changes are the permanent nature of the tourism lottery and the withdrawal of the allocation of funds raised through it to the General Fund for Tourism (Fungetur) to alleviate the crisis caused by COVID-19 in the sector.

Senators also expanded new lottery avenues. Deputies had approved in May the creation of numerical prediction games, in which the bookmaker tries to predict the numbers that will be drawn in the competition, such as Megasena.

In the approved text, there is also permission to create sports prediction games, in which the bettor tries to predict the outcome of sports events; And those who have a fixed stake, where the premium value is determined from the start.

After the deductions provided by the legislation, the result of the set of games made by the health and tourism lottery will be distributed according to specific criteria for each type of road.

Numerical predictions:

  • 5% will be allocated to the National Health Fund (FNS), in the case of the health lottery, or to the Brazilian Agency for the Promotion of International Tourism (Embratur), in the case of the tourism lottery;
  • 95% to cover operator expenses.

Sports predictions and fixed stakes:

  • 3.37% will be allocated to the FNS, in the case of the health lottery, or to Embratur, in the case of the tourism lottery;
  • 1.63% for sports entities that allow the use of trademarks, logos and jingles to publicize and implement sweepstakes;
  • 95% to cover operator expenses.

Prizes not claimed by winners during the deadline will go back to FNS or to Embratur, depending on the type of lottery.

The text also provides for a special distribution mechanism while the public health emergency due to covid-19 continues. state of emergency, however, It was overturned by the federal government.

The motion, approved by lawmakers on Monday, states that The Ministry of Economy He will be responsible for the franchise rules for exploiting the new lottery, which must be published within 30 days after the law is published.

According to the rapporteur, Representative Giovanni Scherini (PL-RS), this will allow the private sector to explore the lottery. In the first version approved by deputies, there were expectations that only Caixa Econômica Federal would hold the games.

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