February 1, 2023
Bolsonaro discursa em coletiva com microfone. Ele veste terno preto e gravata amarela-Metrópoles

“The cheapest gasoline in the world is ours,” Bolsonaro says.

After spending days in criticizing Petrobras Because of the fuel price adjustment, President Jair Bolsonaro (PL), Saturday night (12/3), reported in a video post at the Deep Brazil conference, that gasoline The Brazilian is the cheapest in the world.

“The problems we are facing at the moment: we have inflation, yes, an excess of fuel, but it is happening all over the world. We are doing our best. Those who search and see know that the cheapest gasoline in the world is ours. We are also suffering,” Bolsonaro declared. , but not to the same extent as the people there.”


The representative of the country did not indicate the data on which such information was based. However, one of the most important advisories on this topic in the world shows a ranking where the price of gasoline in Brazil is lower than the world average.

according to Global Petroleum Prices Advisory, Venezuela is the country with the cheapest fuel in the world, among 170 countries and regions analyzed in its latest weekly report, released on March 7.. According to the same ranking, Brazil ranks 90th, behind countries such as the United States and Paraguay. Hong Kong is the most expensive. Looking at gasoline only, the country ranks 81st.

Gasoline is sold, on average, for $1.29 worldwide, as of March 7. Meanwhile, in Brazil, at $1,287. In Venezuela, for example, a liter is worth $0.025.

Consulting explains that the differences between gasoline prices in the world are due to different types of taxes and gasoline subsidies. All countries buy oil in international markets at the same prices but impose different taxes. This is the reason for the difference in the retail price of gasoline.

The President reiterated that on Friday night (3/11) he passed a bill setting ICMS charges for fuel and resetting PIS/Cofins for diesel, oil and cooking gas.

The event organized by the Conservador-Liberal Institute and Right Movements was held in Londrina, Paraná, with the presence of many Bolsonaristas. Names, such as the names of Federal Representatives Eduardo Bolsonaro (União-SP), 03 son of the president; Carla Zampelli (União-SP); and Felipe Barros (União-PR); from the state representative Anna Carolina Campagnolo (Union-SC); The head of the PTB in Sao Paulo, Ottavio Fachori, was present.

Last Thursday (3/10), The Petrobras announced an 18.8% increase in gasoline and 24.9% in diesel at refineriesAdded to 16.1% in liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). The amendment took effect on Friday (11/3).