December 1, 2023
The chiefs of Corinth and Bandeirante exchanged messages;  Teams sponsored by Taunsa

The chiefs of Corinth and Bandeirante exchanged messages; Teams sponsored by Taunsa

Last Wednesday, Corinthians announced a Sponsorship Agreement with Grupo Taunsa. Shortly thereafter, the president of Bandeirante de Birigui, who is also the company’s partner in the agribusiness, exchanged video messages with Duilio Monteiro Alves, Timão’s agent.

“My friend, President Ademir do Bandeirante de Birigui, this Duilio Monteiro Alves, President of Corinthians, passes to wish you all success there next year, 2022 of many victories and always counting on us. A big hug,” said São Jorge Park president.

It’s worth noting that Taunsa and the Eastern District team have signed a contract that is valid until December 2023, when Duilio’s term expires. During this period, the partnership provides for participation in content from various fronts of the club. In fact, the first action was to help recruit midfielder Paulinho, who in his first speech He highlighted the importance of the company in its comeback.

“Thank you very much, I wish you good luck too, you know your task is very big. I will tell you about this connection between Bandeirante and Corinthians. In 1988, at that time I was also playing for Bandeirante, there was a boycott in the first division against Bandeirante and against Ponte Preta, so we traveled a lot. Limeira, all the teams did not want to enter the field, neither Palmeiras nor Santos nor Sao Paulo wanted to enter against Bandeirante and against Ponte Preta, they made a big boycott”, said the club president in the interior of Sao Paulo.

In 1988, Alfinegro FC were champions of São Paulo with names such as goalkeeper Ronaldo, midfielder Neto and strikers Marcos Roberto and Viola. The final was split into two matches against Guarani, with a tie in the first leg and a 1-0 win over Corinthians in the second leg.

“We had great support at the time of President Vicente Matthews, who sent a letter to Périgi saying Corinthians would take the stadium and play against Bandeirante. It was a very big party in the city, more than 20,000 people here. When Vicente Matthews took over the stadium, it was a thing Unbelievable, the whole crowd, Palmeiras, Santos, São Paulo, Corinthians, stood and shouted his name. We have the memory of Corinthians, it seems that God always put us in the administration and now with the same patron, Taunsa … a big hug, I also invite you to come to Birigui, get acquainted with Our chassis is here, our little chassis, but hopefully it will become a big club in the Sao Paulo countryside,” he finished.

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