January 29, 2023
The city councilwoman who was investigated for charging for SUS tests in Itamogi said the Minister of Health was aware of the case |  south of Minas

The city councilwoman who was investigated for charging for SUS tests in Itamogi said the Minister of Health was aware of the case | south of Minas

The secretary, who is the daughter of the mayor of Itamugi, was accused by Marilim, who is also an employee of the Ministry of Health.

The parliamentarian said at the meeting: “The date for these examinations was set and paid for in the Health Secretariat of our municipality through knowledge, approval and authorization, as well as the signature of the Minister of Health.”

The Civil Police investigated whether the counselor had assigned patients from the Municipal Health Network to perform an echo. It would even be way ahead of some of the people on the waiting list and patients had no idea what the whole scheme was about.

Among the documents signed by the secretary, there is an authorization to ring, which states that “the amount will be deducted from the Itamuji municipal bill in accordance with the appropriation.”

You have sent me requests for permission. The permission is issued, but it is paid by the municipality and never by the patient. She would bring me requests for permission, and I would issue the authorization and hand it over to her. “I haven’t handed over authorizations to patients,” said Secretary Priscilla Markmini Dias.

The councilwoman who investigated the charging of SUS tests in Itamogi said the health minister was aware of the issue – Photo: Reproduction/EPTV

The chancellor, then an employee of the municipal health service, is being investigated for collecting cash payments from patients who were waiting for exams, when the municipality had already paid them. There are cases of patients who have paid R$900 for a test that will be free.

“We have never had that doubt. Unfortunately, I only have a secretariat to coordinate. I coordinate the health of the entire municipality, so we have to trust the teams,” said the secretary.

The outspoken complaint came from the Minister of Health. I asked for an investigation. The mayor immediately requested an investigation. Subsequently, two other identical cases appeared in the same clinic. In view of this, the mayor asked to contact the patients who came to the clinic to see if other people have paid the amount,” said the municipal prosecutor, Vinicius Vieira de Andrada.

The committee investigating irregularities in the Ministry of Health heard about 100 patients who underwent MRIs between June 2021 and July of this year. More than 30 patients confirmed payment.

“The commission has already heard from potential victims who have offered to provide clarifications. In light of that, the entire MSP team has started to listen. Then I go to hear witnesses for the defendant’s defense. We are still making some steps in this process. I think next week,” the attorney general said. , with the steps already taken, you will go to the testimony of the accused, which is the last act within the disciplinary administrative process.

According to the public prosecutor, there are no grounds yet for the dismissal of the Minister of Health.

“It turns out that there is not the slightest evidence to give the correctness of her claim. On the contrary, from the evidence presented so far, what can be seen is a secret and secret form between her and the victims, and a very great discrepancy between the testimonies. From the moment the minimum amount of evidence arrives, it is not necessary Even to be reasonable, it must be the participation of the Minister of Health at a minimum, and I believe that she will not even be impeached, and she will be acquitted immediately,” the attorney general commented.

A female councilwoman is being investigated for charging patients from the municipal network for examinations in Itamuji, MG – Photo: Reproduction / EPTV

The Itamuji Civil Police opened an investigation and investigated the case. So far, seven people have been heard. In addition to the authorship, the police also want to know the total number of victims harmed and the duration of the charge.

We are making contact with each person who would have received the payment request to see if those people still had items with them, financial statements, phone conversations, and any final receipts. “Something that embodies this rendition of values,” said delegate Glauber Rodriguez Simao.

According to Attorney General Alan Carigo Ramos, upon completion of the administrative process, the Public Prosecution Office will seek accountability for any illegal act, and upon completion of a police investigation, it will seek accountability for potential crimes.

Over the phone, the council member’s lawyer informed that Marilym Mara de Oliveira Souza is cooperating with the investigation and that she would speak in due course.

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