The club The Cedars will host the junior Challenge skills

Le club Les Cèdres accueillera le Défi junior d’habiletés

The club The Cedars will host the next summer a portion of the junior Challenge skills sponsored by Golf Canada. A total of 72 golfers aged 6 to 18 years are expected to Granby for the occasion on Thursday, 8 August.

The junior Challenge skills enables young athletes, boys and girls, to measure their level in three portions of the sport : tee shots, putts and hit the tick mark (or chipping).

“It has all the needed facilities here and we deal with a lot of young people. It has programs and elite teams. It was a natural association, ” said Francis Bernard, professional, and director of the school of golf club The Cedars.

The junior Challenge skills should also stop in Montreal and in the Quebec city region. The best quebecers will go to the national component, held in the framework of the prestigious canadian Open.

“A 14 year-old, who won here in Granby would then travel to Toronto to face the best across Canada. This is a great opportunity, ” said Mr. Bernard, very happy to contribute to the holding of this event in the region.

In Quebec, the junior Challenge of skills is particularly organized by the network of Optimist Clubs. “It takes a lot of volunteers and a solid structure for the three tests take place at the same time “, says Mr. Bernard.

The markings should be launched in early April on the platform Bluegolf Golf Quebec.

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