The coldest point in the Universe appears on the ISS

Equipment for maximum cooling to the space station sent NASA to get the condensate Bose-Einstein. In case of success the project used to create superconductive devices, quantum computers and ultra-precise atomic clocks.

Самая холодная точка во Вселенной появится на МКС


The Antares rocket, Orbital ATK has delivered to the ISS hardware NASA for the project, the Cold Atom Laboratory. The experiment involves the creation of the ice-cold temperature chamber at 100 million times lower than in the space behind the station or anywhere else in the Universe. Thus, scientists are thinking of getting the condensate Bose-Einstein. On the Ground to implement such a project impossible because of gravity, the bosons become indistinguishable to the experimenter. To observe the condensate Bose-Einstein to the ISS within 10 seconds.

It is noted that quantum effects in the condensation, it helps to transfer energy and can be used when creating a superconductive quantum devices.


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