The conservative Party of Scheer, it is that of Harper, supports Trudeau

Le Parti conservateur de Scheer, c'est celui de Harper, soutient Trudeau

OTTAWA — Justin Trudeau believes that the conservative Party Andrew Scheer stands exactly in the same place as the PC of Stephen Harper, this is why the liberals will continue to highlight in broad strokes the similarities between the two leaders, in this election year.

The liberal Party of Canada (LPC) has affixed the stamp “Harper” on the front of Andrew Scheer as early as his election to the head of the party, there is a year and a half, calling it immediately from “conservative social right”. The liberals are bringing frequently the name of Mr. Harper in the conversation and drags his name in the emails collection of funds sent to the militants.

“We focus on what is really important, while conservative Andrew Scheer intensify the same policies polarized and negative as used by Stephen Harper” wrote yet this week the president of the PLC, Suzanne Cowan, in an email.

In a recent interview, prime minister Trudeau told The canadian Press that the approach of the conservative Party on a range of topics demonstrates that Andrew Scheer has no projects or ideas that differ from those of Stephen Harper.

“Canadians have been beautiful clearly reject the approach of governance of Stephen Harper proposed in the 2015 elections, and yet, on the climate, the economy, international engagement, migration issues, aboriginal issues, (the conservatives) are always in the same register before the 2015 elections, said Mr. Trudeau. I think that it deserves to be reported to Canadians.”

The liberal leader added, almost as soon as the next elections, it will not seek to “defame” or to “demonize” his opponents. It submits, however, does not see defamation in comparing MESSRS. Scheer and Harper, and it just promises to highlight the differences of policy between him and Mr. Scheer, and denounce the conservatives if they try to divide the country.

“I do excuserai not be very passionate, sometimes overly-enthusiastic, in the way that I engage in a vigorous debate, but I’m going to remain as much as possible on the bottom.”

Trudeau “hooked up to 2015”

Mr. Trudeau also argued that the conservative chief himself had not been able to highlight clearly the key point of difference from its predecessor. He referred to a meeting of the Assembly of First Nations, at the beginning of the year, during which a native chief has directly asked Mr. Scheer how it was different from Stephen Harper. The new chief then asked his guests “a little bit of patience in waiting for the publication of the platform of” the party, ” Mr. Trudeau.

Some observers of canadian politics as even Mr. Scheer “Stephen Harper with a smile.”

Brock Harrison, a spokeswoman for Mr. Scheer, argues that if someone is still attached to 2015, it is Mr. Trudeau. “He wants to repeat the campaign of 2015 because almost everything he has done since with his government has been a failure,” said Mr. Harrison. According to him, Mr. Trudeau will have to explain to the citizens why he did not “balanced the budget, secure the border, built pipelines and relieved the canadian families”.

The conservative mp Pierre Poilievre has had the same kind of arguments, in a recent interview, suggesting that Mr. Trudeau brings back Stephen Harper in the debate as a diversion to his or her mistakes, and because his main opponent makes you nervous. “This argument could very well return constantly: this is a common tactic of those who are born with a golden spoon in the mouth.”

This image of”child-rich” next to the liberal leader also runs the risk of constantly reverting in the campaign of next fall.

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