The conservatives remain vague on cuts to balance the budget

Les conservateurs restent vagues sur les coupes pour équilibrer le budget

OTTAWA — as they prepare for the resumption of parliament on Monday, the conservatives have their eyes glued on the next federal election.

The challenge is clear, according to mp Lisa Raitt: the voters will have to choose which party they will make their lives more affordable.

“The guy who has spent four years to spend large amounts of money, we are plunging into deficits while taxing, or someone who has a plan and that includes what it means to stick to a budget and live within its means because that is what he has done all his life as a father of a family”, she said on the sidelines of the conservative caucus, on Friday, alluding to Justin Trudeau and Andrew Scheer.

The budget deficit for the fiscal year that ended last march 31 has $ 19 billion under the liberal government of Justin Trudeau, is basically the same as the previous year.

Ms. Raitt, a former minister of the government of Stephen Harper, speaks to reduce expenses to balance the federal budget, but remains vague about the cuts that could be made in the public service.

“When we are elected in October, we’re going to do a state of affairs, and, as we have done in the past, we will not jeopardize services to Canadians.”

She cites the government of Doug Ford, who since his arrival in Ontario multiplies the cuts, but maintains that a government under Andrew Scheer would reduce services or transfers to the provinces.

“When the ontario government was elected recently, they have realized that the government (previous) spent $ 40 million more per day than its revenues, she said. And it is this kind of information you will receive when we are going to form the government (federal) in October and we will throw a glance (expenditures).”

The minister of Labour, Patty Hajdu, recalled that the conservatives had cut more than 25,000 jobs in the public service under the conservative government of Stephen Harper.

“The conservatives have confirmed today that they were going to follow the example of Doug Ford and Stephen Harper, asking to be made of cuts in services on which account the Canadians,” she said by press release.

She accuses the conservatives of wanting to be inspired by the reduction of services to francophones of Doug Ford and his cuts in education.

The leader of the conservatives Andrew Scheer fouettera his troops on Sunday, the eve of the resumption of parliament. By then, the conservative caucus continues behind closed doors.

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