The conspiracy theorist has put forward an unusual theory about the death of Stephen Hawking

Конспіролог висунув незвичайну теорію про смерті Стівена Хокінга

According to Steve Pool, in the death of physics the aliens ‘ fault.

A physicist with a worldwide reputation Stephen Hawking is famous for an extraordinary mind and some oddities, which conspiracy theorists considered him a stranger. When a scientist left this world, experts somehow thought it “removed” the aliens from Nibiru, according to the with reference to the news of the world.

A scientist from the UK suffered from an incurable disease called amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. People with this diagnosis don’t live more than 20 years (the record set by Jason Becker). Hawking somehow managed to survive 50 years. How is this possible?

It is also noteworthy that physicist all my life tried to dissuade other scientists from the idea of finding aliens. He argued that the research work may lead to aggressive aliens on us. Hawking, according to the conspiracy theorists were treated to the sight of “big whites” aliens, who are the guardians of the Earth.

The last years of his life Stephen was talking about Planet X. First, scientists did not take him seriously, but over time the situation has changed. As soon as the experts have changed their minds, physicist died. Steve bass believes that humans will just kill his enemy in the form of Hawking. Soon will begin the invasion of “little green men”. It is not known whether the “great white” to confront them.


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