July 22, 2024

The cooperative has obtained ONA Level 1 accreditation

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unimed Curitiba 20 12 2021In recognition of the high standards of patient safety and the quality of services provided in the Primary Health Care Unit (APS) in Iguaçu, in the home care sector and in the outpatient clinic of the Germano Mayer Unit (Centre for Quality of Life and Traditional Therapies), Unimed Curitiba has been recognized by the National Accreditation Organization (ONA) And got the first level accreditation. This nationally recognized institution evaluates and accredits the quality and safety of care in health services. Today, as the largest healthcare cooperative in Paraná, this achievement concludes with a golden key in the year Unimed Curitiba completed 50 years. The operator is the third company to be certified in Curitiba in outpatient services and APS, and is the only company certified in home care in the private network in the southern region. The services provided by the sectors that make up the Special Services District have met safety standards, including both structural and administrative aspects.

Pride – “We are proud to have received the accreditation in the first review, as it acknowledges the efforts, dedication and care of each employee to have a better, stronger and more solid health plan operator, enhancing our excellence in providing customer service with the quality of the Unimed brand. On a path that began in 2019, these were is the first step in a process of continuous improvement, through the development and implementation of procedures that prioritize patient safety and that permeate the various sectors of the cooperative.We were all committed to achieving the international patient safety goals set by the World Health Organization (WHO), with a focus on avoiding hazardous situations that could impact patient care. We are sure that we will soon evolve to the next levels of accreditation, ensuring an increasingly safe process,” highlights Rashid Hajar Tria, CEO of Unimed Curitiba.

Focus on quality and safety The certification acknowledges that Unimed Curitiba meets the stringent standards and requirements of ONA, which is internationally recognized, and was obtained after a detailed assessment conducted by IQG – Accreditation of Health Services, an accredited accrediting institution, and also by a team of assessors qualified by the organization. The accreditation process is voluntary and instructive, i.e. it does not constitute an inspection or an obligation. The participation of the cooperative was voluntary and aims to learn about the quality of humane care provided and the safety of patients. “Accreditation makes it possible to identify needs and challenges. Thus, it is possible to plan process improvements, leading to service standardization – which we do on the basis of the six goals set by the World Health Organization. It is another way to promote our way of care in every procedure, and it has allowed Our staff commitment throughout the process maintains our focus on quality, which has led to this recognition,” says the CEO.

Accreditation The accreditation is valid for two years and periodic visits are made by residents to monitor it. In order for the organization to be evaluated, all its regions are visited and more than 1,700 requirements are verified. After this period, a re-evaluation is carried out and the organization can be re-accredited or develop to the next levels. Altogether, there are three levels of accreditation: Level 1 – Accredited, with a focus on patient safety and the quality of services provided, Level 2 – Complete management, fluids and communication between activities, and Level 3 – Excellence, related to continuous improvement of organizational culture and standardization of operations.

Benefits Among the benefits obtained by obtaining the certification: Enhanced continuous improvement process, reduced cost, reduced rework, integration between sectors and processes, control and commitment to results, increased market visibility, identification of risks, competitive difference over competition, and credibility between Doctors and patients, promoting innovation and creativity, a culture of safety, improving work environment and performance indicators and increasing customer satisfaction. (Click on Unimed Curitiba)

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