December 9, 2022
The Corinthians striker announced as a reinforcement for Quip

The Corinthians striker announced as a reinforcement for Quip

Corinthians saw another player announced as another club’s booster for the remainder of the season. Striker Jonathan Cafu was officially appointed to Cuiabá on Friday due to the Serie A dispute. The contract is on loan and valid until the end of the season.

player Released Thursday by Timao to travel to Cuiabá He signed the bond. He’s been training normally with the Alvinegro team since the start of the year, but hasn’t taken part in any competition and was out of Vítor Pereira’s plans.

Agreement between Corinthians and Cuiabá It has already been posted before My dream This Thursday morning. According to the report, The Cuyabana team will be responsible for part of the striker’s salary – he earns 350 thousand Brazilian riyals a month.

Jonathan Cafu joined the Eastern District team in November 2020 and signed a contract until December 2023. Last season, he was also loaned to Cuiaba. There, he played 44 matches and scored six goals – he is responsible for the team’s first goal in the history of the Brazilian First Division.

At Corinthians, he played only three matches, all in his first year. Cafu does not have any goals scored by Timao.

In recent days, Parque São Jorge has agreed to loan four players: Matthews Dafoe, striker, to Bahia; Rodrigo Varanda, Under-20 striker, for Chapecoense; Eduardo Tank, Under-20 striker, to Curitiba; and Igor Moraes, under-23 defender, for paddle. Among the unused names, The board is still looking for a destination for Danilo Avelar and Luan – the duo earn over R$1 million per month.

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