February 5, 2023

The Corinthians striker has become Mazzioti’s mainstay and tries the match in 2023

Corinthians enter 2023 with high expectations regarding the preservation of names like Maycon and Yuri Alberto, the arrival of Romero and the development of a team that was runners-up in last year’s Copa do Brasil. Amid all this, the substitute is receiving special attention from the club’s medical department.

Junior Morriswho was signed last year, is the immediate back-up to Yori Alberto and is trying to justify the expectations generated by his arrival in 2022. The 35-year-old striker is being seen as the personal project of the club’s medical advisor, Bruno Mazzotti, for 2023.

Kind of the club’s department head, Mazzioti believes a lot in the recovery ability of the athlete, who hasn’t been on the field since August. The level that Moraes has provided in the years in Europe is the main reason for this situation.

“I will take responsibility for Junior’s case,” the professional said in an interview in September last year. “Firstly, he is an athlete that I had the opportunity to see in Europe, and I know how much he can offer.”

The numbers confirm the impression of a professional. Since leaving Brazil for European football in 2009, Moraes has not spent a season without being directly involved in at least one goal every two games.. But in Timão, he only had one ball in the net and had no assists in 17 matches.

“He had a very serious injury last year (2021), it’s major surgery, and it’s important to note that. There’s an adjustment period, there’s a condition for relearning for this athlete. This athlete is technically competent, an athlete who is very surrender. Day in and day out, very committed. So, at this moment, I feel a great responsibility to give you my best performance.. I see some judgments, I’m not here to protect anyone, but I want to give this athlete the opportunity to present what he knows how to do,” Mazzotti continued.

Morais’ key opportunities should be seen at the start of the Campeonato Paulista, while the young players at the base are still involved in the Copa Sao Paulo fray. The two forwards from Copenha’s squad, Arthur Souza and Felipe Augusto, have already been given opportunities in the first team.

The Morais and Corinthians team will participate for the first time in the season on the fifteenth of this month, against Red Bull Bragantino, at the Nabi Abi Chedid Stadium, in the first round of the Campeonato Paulista.

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