December 9, 2022
The Corinthians striker speaks after allegedly supporting Flamengo in the Libertadores final

The Corinthians striker speaks after allegedly supporting Flamengo in the Libertadores final

This Sunday, Corinthians Jr. Moraes used social media to film himself around an episode that took place on Saturday. Immediately after the Copa Libertadores final, he won it flamingo, A picture of the player circulated online alongside Carioca fans, with the caption “Vai pra cima Mengão” – see below.

In response, Junior Moraes explained that he was in a restaurant, in fact, to watch the Corinthians’ duel against Goias, which also took place on Saturday. According to the 18 shirt, during the dinner, several fans, including from other clubs, approached him to take pictures.

“Hey guys, I am coming here to clarify the situation that happened yesterday. An image circulated on the internet that I am a Flamingo fan, which is not true. Yesterday I came to Santos with my family, and it is my polling place. I went to dinner with my family in a restaurant and there I watched the Corinthians match. In this restaurant there were Corinthians fans, from other clubs too, many asked to take a picture with me and I took it well. And one of those things is going around on the internet like I’m a Flamingo cheerleader, which isn’t true. I want to show my respect for the club I work for, which is Corinthians, and I want to stay away from the controversy because it makes no sense. It has been a very difficult year for me, to recover, as I want to prepare to get back into playing with high performance. So I want to make it clear that this picture has nothing to do with it and that people don’t get angry in a situation that has nothing to do with it. This is it. Go Corinthians,” said the player, at Instagram.

Júnior Moraes has had physical complications since arriving at Corinthians and hasn’t been on the field for more than 70 days with the Alvinegra jersey. On Friday, physical therapist Bruno Mazziotti explained the physical condition of the Corinthians striker.

See the photo of Junior Moraes that was circulated on Saturday afternoon

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