The Couch-to-talk: as a security blanket in the winter

Le Divan à palabres: comme une doudou en hiver

The title has quickly attracted our attention. The Couch to talk… what an amazing formula to invite the public to meet the “placoteux” well-known and endearing. This is what offers the Salle Alec et Gérard Pelletier, Sutton this weekend, a bit like a security blanket in the middle of the winter.

Thus, Jean-Marie Lapointe, Marcia Pilote, Denis Bouchard, Jean-David Pelletier will take place on stage during these three days, called ” the end of the week, feel good to warm the soul “.

“It is purely suttonnais as a concept. We programmed a number of additional activities to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the room and we wanted to organize this weekend of winter. With this mini-festival, we wanted to innovate with four different formulas, ” says Yannick Woolley, who is a member of the board of directors of the organization and responsible for the programming of the Couch to talk.

According to her, the small room of the municipality lends itself perfectly to the intimate space of these head-to-head.

Le Divan à palabres: comme une doudou en hiver

Denis Bouchard


Jean-Marie Lapointe’s will launch the ball, this Friday at 20 pm, with its conference The happiness of bénévoler. “Jean-Marie, it is a being of heart, a guy human who is deeply involved on a volunteer basis. For him, philosophy is a philosophy of life, ” says Ms Woolley. In Sutton, he speaks in particular of the personal enrichment they receive, and will tell some important encounters of his life.

On Saturday at 14: 30, Marcia Pilot will present his Show of love. The Voice of the East, on Monday, author and broadcaster, admitted wanting ” to touch people in the heart “. Although it is widely recognised to address a female audience, it will widen his remarks for the occasion. “Men are welcome ! I speak of life, of love, I speak to the humans, ” she says, insisting on the fact that she never gives advice, preferring instead to offer avenues for reflection. “I share my experience to the people. I love ringing bells. “

To connect with the audience, she opts for humor, the stories, custom and natural sound disarming. It is at this point convinced that the spectators will have a good time that it says it is ready to refund if this is not the case !

Later in the evening, appointment with the actor and director Denis Bouchard, who will give a conference and a reading of excerpts from his play The last sacrament, in the company of Lucie Hebert. In this comedy-drama, it is a question of life and death, but nothing goes as planned.

Le Divan à palabres: comme une doudou en hiver

Jean-Marie Lapointe


The series concludes on Sunday at 14 h by The foolish epics of Jonnhy-D, that is to say, those of the globe-trotter Jean-David Pelletier. The young man focuses on his journey by foot across the United States… and all the thoughts that this has caused.

The sense of the palaver

In short, it is necessary to see here the word “palaver” in its expression, the more noble, far from its definition pejorative, alluding to the vain and endless discussions.

For the four guests of the weekend, who will speak during an hour and a half to two hours, the gesture is worth it, whether to inspire, entertain and, why not, turn on the consciences.

After all, the goal of the Couch to talk is simple : “to Explore, in a single weekend, various facets of life with people who have thought about it and want to share with the public, always with a touch of humour,’ says Yannick Woolley.

Le Divan à palabres: comme une doudou en hiver

Jean-David Pelletier


It is possible to attend one or the other of these shows-conferences. A passport is also available to those who wish to see the four. Tickets are available on the website or 450-538-0486.

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