January 29, 2023
The Council of Corinthians suggested that Tite's lieutenants be brought in to help Fernando Lazzaro

The Council of Corinthians suggested that Tite’s lieutenants be brought in to help Fernando Lazzaro

The Corinthians Council already has two assistants appointed to help Fernando Lazaro, according to Globoesporte.com🇧🇷 Professionals are still unknown to fans, but report my helm Found two names that have been suggested to the board in recent weeks.

People from the football world close to Duilio Montero Alves (President), Roberto De Andrade (Director) and Alessandro (Manager) He proposed the names of Kléber-Xavier and Matheus Bacci to form the Lazzaro Artistic Commission in 2023. They are Tite’s assistants in the national team.

Three reasons why those around the painting suggested Kléber and Matthaus:

  1. Experience/experience with CT staff and a significant portion of the existing cast;
  2. knowledge of the Corinthians and closeness to the Corinthian fans;
  3. And the fact that they are, in theory, free to market with Tite’s decision not to operate after the World Cup.

Meu Timão was unable to determine whether this proposal was accepted (or not) by the council. Report attempts have yet to fail Globoesporte.com He declared that Corinth already had professionals appointed. The secret is still intact.

Kleber Xavier, 58, has been Tite’s direct assistant since 2001. In other words, at that age of 21, Kleber has been with him in the three stints the coach has been at Parque São Jorge (2004/05, 2010/13 and 2015/ 16).

Matheus Bachi, now 33 years old, started his career alongside his father in September 2015, when he was called up to join the Corinthians squad. Matheos worked as an assistant at Caxias before that.

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