June 30, 2022
The court accepts the accusation and files the case against Landim for fraudulent administration - 11/03/2021

The court accepts the accusation and files the case against Landim for fraudulent administration – 11/03/2021

The judge accepted the complaint of the Federal Public Ministry (MPF) and initiated a criminal case against the president of Flamengo, Rodolfo Landim, for fraudulent administration. Nelson Jose Getty Guimarães, Demian Vioca, Jeffrey David Cleaver and Gustavo Henrique Lins Peixoto were also denounced.

The red and black leader and the others mentioned, representatives of the Mare and Mantiq companies, are accused of defrauding the Funcef, Petros and Previ pension funds, in a case that occurred prior to Landim’s arrival as president of Fla.

Those cited by the court will have ten days to respond to the accusation in writing and claim everything that concerns the defenses, such as sending documents and justifications and identifying evidence, in addition to appointing witnesses for the case.

The complaint was submitted by the MPF in July and refers to FIP Brasil Petróleo 1, A fund managed by executives, transfers funds abroad, which is prohibited by FIP regulations.

MPF claims that the American company Deepflex was used in the process. Funds were irregularly transferred abroad and the company went bankrupt, as a result of which all the money it received disappeared.

In the decision, Judge Frederico Botelho de Barros Viana, of the 10th Judicial Division of the Federal District, noted that “the letter sent by the Swiss authorities to the MPF brings with it evidence of crimes of money laundering and currency evasion, which should be better determination.”

The judge also ordered that the amount in Termogas International Inc.’s account be kept frozen. The measure secures – in part – the amount necessary to reimburse the damages allegedly caused by Landim during the administration of FIP Brasil Petróleo 1.

It was possible to irrigate the Termogas account from the resources of the Landim, with suspicions of money laundering and evasion of foreign exchange. And about the CEO there, according to the representative, 643,000 dollars.

According to the MP, the maneuver that made the alleged infraction feasible was the creation of the companies Brasil Petróleo e Participações SA and Deepflex do Brasil. It was used as a front, with the intention of applying it to Deepflex.

The resource was sent to Brazilian companies, who sent it abroad. MPF estimates the breach at more than R$100 million and is asking the defendants to pay three times that amount, which will have to be rectified based on Selic’s price.

UOL Esporte asked Landim and Flamengo for a position, but had not received a response until this article was published.