January 29, 2023

The creator of The Walking Dead explains why Glenn Rhy died on the show

Personal Glenn Rhee He became one of the most beloved people “the walking DeadHe is a survivor of the zombie apocalypse and a member of Rick Grimes’ group.

Fans were shocked by his death in Season 7 at the hands of Negan. Robert Kirkman revealed during an interview with EWthat Glenn’s death cannot be replaced due to its importance to the story.

“There’s just so much material that comes from Glenn’s death in the comics.”I started.

“And as we try to change things up to make everything more interesting for the audience, and for me, there’s a lot that comes from Rick, there’s a lot from Negan, because this character is someone who kills, and certainly Maggie is someone who sets herself on a path that affects a large number of stories and a large number of of the characters. It was therefore necessary that at least that part of the scene remain intact, unfortunately.”Kirkman revealed.

The creator said they even discussed other possibilities, but Glenn’s death had to happen so they could go through with what was planned by creating new arcs.

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