December 6, 2023
The credit card is the most responsible for the family's debt

The credit card is the most responsible for the family’s debt

Brazilian bad debt had its highest level for the eighth time in a row, check out the reasons!

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According to the data of the Survey of Consumer Indebtedness and Defaults (CNC), released last Tuesday (7), the percentage of defaulters, that is, people with bills or debts in arrears, reached 28.7% of Brazilian households in May. The index has been growing since October 2021 and reached its highest level for the eighth time in a row.

In April, the share of defaulters was 28.6%. In May last year, that percentage was 24.3%. Thus, the figure recorded in May of this year (28.7%) is the second highest since the beginning of the survey in 2010, and this percentage is only lower than that observed in January of that year (29.1%).

After three consecutive months of gains, the proportion of households burdened with debt (overdue or not) has declined, recording 77.4% in May, down from 77.7% in April. Although a decline occurred, the rate is still higher than that of May 2021 (68%).

Families who said they would not be able to pay their overdue bills in April accounted for 10.9%, while in May there was a slight drop of 10.8%. In May last year, that rate was 10.5%.

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the card credit It is still the most common type of debt, being responsible for the indebtedness of 88.5% of households.

According to CNC, in May, the average household income debt obligation was 30.4%, the highest since August 2021 (also 30.4%). 22.2% of debtors need more than 50% of their income to pay off debt Banks and finance, the highest since December 2017.

Finally, the average delay time for debt repayment, among those with delinquent accounts, was 61.7 days, lower than April’s, which was 62.1 days, but higher than 61 days in May 2021.

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