October 1, 2022
The deadline for Auxílio Caminhoneiro's self-declaration ends today;  Aid to Brazil will not be expected in September.  Apple releases iOS 16;  weather forecast

The deadline for Auxílio Caminhoneiro’s self-declaration ends today; Aid to Brazil will not be expected in September. Apple releases iOS 16; weather forecast

The federal government has confirmed that it will not make payments to Auxílio Brasil in September, contrary to the expectations of many program recipients. The forecast was a measure adopted in August, the month when the R$200 increase took effect.

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For self-employed transport workers who wish to obtain truck driver assistance, the deadline for submitting a self-declaration ends on Monday the 12th. The document is required of those who did not register shipments in 2022.

we Highlights of the dayAlso, see this week’s weather forecast and iOS 16 news from Apple.

Auxiliary calendar will not be offered in Brazil

Payment schedule Brazil Aid Not to be expected in September, the Department of Citizenship confirmed last Friday the 9th. The decision was justified by discrepancies in information about counterparts required of families, such as school attendance and vaccination.

The transfers were introduced in August, so many people thought the government would repeat the measure this month. Since this did not happen, the benefit will be paid between September 19-30, according to the original schedule.

The program continues to transfer monthly installments of R$600 per family until December. The $200 increase took effect in August, after approval of a constitutional amendment that freed up R$26 billion for its expansion.

Check out Auxílio Brasil’s September calendar:

end of shekels payday
1 September 19
two September 20
3 September 21
4 September 22
5 September 23
6 September 26
7 September 27
8 September 28
9 September 29
0 September 30

A new cold front arrives this week

Large parts of southern and northern Brazil experienced a weekend of unsettled weather, with a record cold in some cities. The past few days have also seen heavy rain in the north and northeast of Santa Catarina, in Paraná and south of Sao Paulo.

This Monday, the rain is gaining in strength over the southern states in general. The change in wind circulation pattern begins to form a new cold front starting tomorrow, the 13th, increasing the amount of precipitation.

Thunderstorms are expected in most areas of Paraná and Santa Catarina, northern Rio Grande do Sul, southern Mato Grosso do Sul, western and southern Sao Paulo. The forecast is lightning, gusts of wind and more hail.

In the north of Rio Grande do Sul, part of Santa Catarina and the southern and eastern half of Paraná, the accumulated precipitation exceeds 100 mm.

Apple releases iOS 16

On Monday, Apple releases a version of iOS 16New version of your mobile operating system. The new product is compatible with the second generation of iPhone SE and later versions, such as the X, XR, XS, XS Max and mobile phones of families 11, 12, 13 and 14.

Other devices such as iPhone 6S, iPhone 7 and the first version of iPhone SE are not receiving the update.

This change leaves the company’s mobile phones with a new look, with more realistic notifications located at the bottom of the screen. The user can also create ‘workspaces’ for different types of occasions such as work and study.

Another advantage is the ability to add widgets using practical shortcuts. The device owner can still change the timeline, place emojis, and include photos with depth effect.

iOS 16 has two new password-protected folders called Hidden Items and Deleted Items. All changes after a system update can be checked in the “Software Update” option on the iPhone.

The deadline for self-declaration ends today

On Monday, September 12, the deadline for independent shipping companies to submit a self-declaration of the term of TAC registration and be able to receive the first and second batches expires. Truck Driver Help. The deadline which was August 29 has been extended.

The procedure is necessary for the registered worker “Active” on the National Register of Road Carriers of Cargo (RNTR-C), but did not register a road freight transport in 2022. Self-declaration can be completed on the Emprega Brasil portal or in the Digital Work Card app.

According to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, retroactive payments will be made to these professionals on September 24, along with the third installment of entitlement. A total of 129,788 carriers that sent the self-advertisement by 6 p.m. on August 29 received the first and second on September 6.