August 17, 2022
Wanda ainda se recupera do ataque

The death of a man who assaulted his sister and left her in an American coma for two years

This Friday (22) died in the United States, the man who was accused by his sister of attempted murder after him I came out of a coma, after two yearsAnd the because of the attack which he was supposed to have committed.

Sheriff Ross Mellinger of Jackson County, West Virginia, said his death was likely to be declared of natural causes. “From an investigative point of view, it is a shame that the case did not move forward. [o processo]Mellinger told People magazine.

Palmer III, 55, came to the attention of the judiciary and the media this month after his sister, Wanda Palmer, woke up from a coma and accused him of attacking her with a machete. The attack occurred in June 2020, leaving the woman on the brink of death as she was found on the sofa with severe head and head trauma.

Wanda Palmer, now 51, was taken to hospital, where she remained in a coma for two years while police investigated the case, but they were unable to gather enough evidence to charge anyone.

This month, Wanda regained consciousness and, by answering “yes” or “no” to police questions, identified her brother as the attacker. The man was in police custody for seven days, and the county mayor believes his death was due to a series of recurring health issues.

“For starters, he was not in good health, and once he was in prison, his health continued to deteriorate, going downhill,” the sheriff said.

One witness even saw Daniel on his sister’s balcony the night before the police arrived at the woman’s home, but the lack of evidence and video surveillance made it difficult to continue the investigation.