September 29, 2023
The death of Batory, the actor and comedian in SP |  Sao Paulo

The death of Batory, the actor and comedian in SP | Sao Paulo

Actor and comedian Evanildo Gomez Nogueira, 61, better known as Batory, died Monday (10 years old) in Sao Paulo. He had cancer.

Bathory died in the emergency care unit (UPA) in Peritoba, the northern district of the capital. “Medical information has been passed on to the family and the Municipal Health Department regrets what happened,” reads a note from the city council.

Evanildo was born in Serra Talhada, Pernambuco, and moved to São Paulo as a child. Before becoming an actor, he played football in the youth teams of São Paulo.

With his main character, Bathory, Evanildo was part of the cast of SBT’s “A Praça é Nossa”. In 2016, he was hired by Rede Globo in the TV series “Velho Chico” in which he played the role of Delegate Queiroz.

Batory was also an advisor to Mawa, in Greater São Paulo, for two terms in PP.

Ivanildo Gomes Nogueira, aka Batoré, appeared as a character in the movie Velho Chico – Photo: Inácio Moraes / Gshow

Comedian Batory in an interview with Programa do Jô, in 2016. Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo

Comedian Batory – Photo: clone / Instagram